Hello ! Nos copains de @disroot ont une très bonne documentation sur leurs outils (qu'on utilise aussi), pas toujours traduit en fr, pas toujours complète, mais c'est en CC BY SA !

Et ils ne demandent qu'à la compléter ! À vos contributions !

@IndieHosters thanks!

We are actually working together with the best howto team on the planet on streamlining the texts, updating and writing new tutorials.
The end goal is to create texts that could easily be adapted to any project (by simply "sed'ing" the url and name only and replacing images).

Also we are going to start heavily translating howtos (decided to use weblate rather then pure git to make it easier for people to join.

@IndieHosters We can definitely take a look at this during our next workshop, depending on the interest at this time. Thanks for the suggestion! @disroot @Framasoft @mathieu

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