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Terms of Service, Didn't Read @ToSDR@mastodon.indie.host

We raised already $500! Thank you to all the person who already donated <3 Let's fix terms of services together! The campaign is still ongoing here: crowdrise.com/tosdr mastodon.indie.host/media/b90Q

Everyone should check out Fork Awesome. Like the name implies it's a fork of Font Awesome: forkawesome.github.io/Fork-Awe

Recently Font Awesome has been going in a more corporate direction and seem to be adding less icons people actually want and more random ones people didn't really ask for.

Fork Awesome is based off pre-5.0 Font Awesome and adds icons like Diaspora, Mastodon, GNU Social, XMPP and even an icon for ActivityPub itself

Conditions d'utilisation? pas lu! RP @ToSDR :

"Les derniers articles de notre blog sont maintenant disponibles en français ! Merci aux bénévoles qui ont participé à la traduction <3


#french #honhonhon" #cluf

.@DuckDuckGo 's Privacy Challenge has weekly challenges. For this one, if we reach $500 by the end of the week, we can win another $500!

Help us fixing the Internet's biggest lie! crowdrise.org/tosdr

Google keeps track of your searches and keep them for an undefined period of time ?


Now you know.

Support us: crowdrise.com/tosdr

Hello! It's a nice day today! Why not take a nice pic and share it online? But, what happens with your content? We have the answer and it isn't good.

Fix Internet Terms of Service now!

Support our work here: crowdrise.com/tosdr mastodon.indie.host/media/oTLP

4Nous vous aidons à lire les CGU, maintenant, nous avons besoin de vous !' @ToSDR lance sa campagne de de financement blog.tosdr.org/fr-nous-vous-ai en concourant au DuckDuckGo Privacy Challenge 2018

DDG Privacy Challenge 2018: lancement de campagne de financement de projets importants: Let’s Encrypt (ISRG), Freedom of the Press Foundation, The Tor Project, Tails, @ToSDR , Restore the Fourth, OSTIF, Riseuplabs, ACLU Foundation, Bits of Freedom, Calyx Institute, Demand Progress, Emerald Onion, Fight for the Future, Freenet Project, Internet Freedom Festival, New Media Rights, Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, World Privacy Forum, Center for Democracy and Technology. => crowdrise.com/duckduckgoprivac

.@ToSDR is a all free software, transparent project that aims at making the terms of service of online service more readable and understandable. Not only we have a tool that allow people to participate but we also have browser add-ons and a spider that crawls A LOT of website !

We are doing this crowdfunding now because 1) Duckduckgo gave us the opportunity to participate to the challenge 2) we are almost broke

To continue working, we need your help ! crowdrise.com/tosdr

All these projects are run by volunteers. We pay ourselves 20€/h and this crowdfunding is essential for the work we will be able to put in.

Anyway, we'd be also super happy to have you around if you want to contribute, our github is here : github.com/tosdr <3

Support us here: crowdrise.com/tosdr <3

This crowdfunding campaign will help us to keep developing our crowdreading tool Phoenix that we launched in November 2017 (blog.tosdr.org/phoenix-same-pl ). We know there are a lot of services out there, and we cannot do it alone. This is why we developed this tool to bring back the work to the hand of Internet users. Along with Phoenix, we also have browser add-ons for Chrome, Firefox (even Safari) and a project that has been crawling ToS for the past SIX YEARS: tosback.org

It is live! Our crowdfunding campaign is officially launched! 🚀Learn all about tosdr.org in this video and support our work here: crowdrise.com/tosdr <3


We are ready to rummmbleeee! Todat at 5pm (Paris time), we are starting our crowdfunding campaign! Stay tuned, it'll be awesome! (and we'll need your help!) mastodon.indie.host/media/ADIU

Parlez-vous français ? 🥖

Les derniers articles de notre blog sont maintenant disponibles en français ! Merci aux bénévoles qui ont participé à la traduction <3


Are you excited? We are! On Tuesday, @DuckDuckGo 's privacy challenge is launched and we are participating! it'll be the time to raise some money to sustain our work <3

crowdrise.com/o/en/campaign/to mastodon.indie.host/media/vcBJ

Hi ! We are Terms of Service;Didn't Read (tosdr.org). "I have read and agreed to the Terms of Services" is the Internet's biggest lie. We aim to fix it.

We crowdsource ToS analysis's so everyone can participate in making the Internet more transparent!

We have a new submission tool, currently under development: Phoenix : edit.tosdr.org

Github: github.com/tosdr

Blog: blog.tosdr.org

IRC: on Freenode



You know how to do videos ? You want to help for a short campaign ? You are passionate about transparency online ? Contact us to know more about this great adventure ! (starting soon)

Since last November, we are developing a new platform to crowdsource the analysis of ToS (github.com/tosdr/phoenix ). It is in production here: edit.tosdr.org. We imported the old databases and are working on the UX and the submission process. Any help is welcome !