This weekend, the Phoenix dev team is working hard on ! Let's fix that biggest lie on the Internet ! Big <3 to @madeline_oh @vinnl @michielbdejong and @christalib_ ( @piks3l ) 🚀

We just raised $500 this week which means we completed the challenge for this week and will receive another $2000! Thank you everyone for participating in this campaign!

We are few dollars from reaching our goal ! If we reach it, we receive a 2000$ bonus ! The campaign ends Tuesday, it's the last spring 🚀

How cool is that ? We are very close to get to our crowdfunding goal 😎 Almost there people ! Few last donations at

Ok people! Last week of our crowdfunding 🚀 If we raised $500 by April 10, Duckduckgo will add $2000 more!

So, let's fix the biggest lie of the Internet noooowww!

Did you know that all the Terms of Service of Apple applicable to you when using an iPhone are longer than Shakespeare's MacBeth?

Now you know.

🚀We just got at $1000! Thank you all for supporting our work ❤️! We are eligible for this week's big bonus challenge! Let's cross fingers!

We raised already $500! Thank you to all the person who already donated <3 Let's fix terms of services together! The campaign is still ongoing here:

Hello! It's a nice day today! Why not take a nice pic and share it online? But, what happens with your content? We have the answer and it isn't good.

Fix Internet Terms of Service now!

Support our work here:

We are ready to rummmbleeee! Todat at 5pm (Paris time), we are starting our crowdfunding campaign! Stay tuned, it'll be awesome! (and we'll need your help!)

Are you excited? We are! On Tuesday, @DuckDuckGo 's privacy challenge is launched and we are participating! it'll be the time to raise some money to sustain our work <3

Hi ! We are Terms of Service;Didn't Read ( "I have read and agreed to the Terms of Services" is the Internet's biggest lie. We aim to fix it.

We crowdsource ToS analysis's so everyone can participate in making the Internet more transparent!

We have a new submission tool, currently under development: Phoenix :



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