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We just raised $500 this week which means we completed the challenge for this week and will receive another $2000! Thank you everyone for participating in this campaign!

We are few dollars from reaching our goal ! If we reach it, we receive a 2000$ bonus ! The campaign ends Tuesday, it's the last spring 🚀

🚀$220 left for the crowdfunding !! 🚀 You are amazing people ! Last few days of campaign :

(Au passage, @NextInpact vient de lancer son crowdfunding, avec des paliers bonus très intéressants : financement de Kimetrak, ebook de vulgarisation sur la vie privée et le chiffrement... À soutenir ici )

We are $330 short of our goal for this crowdfunding !

Help us fix the biggest lie on the Internet : 🚀

Jusqu'à Lundi, @NextInpact est en accès libre. Une occasion de lire leur excellent article qui va au delà de Facebook et Cambridge Analytica, et montre comment nos données sont accessibles, exploitées.

How cool is that ? We are very close to get to our crowdfunding goal 😎 Almost there people ! Few last donations at

Ok people! Last week of our crowdfunding 🚀 If we raised $500 by April 10, Duckduckgo will add $2000 more!

So, let's fix the biggest lie of the Internet noooowww!

Have you accepted terms of service without reading them today ? Maybe you'd consider supporting our work that tries to make them understandable :

This week's video is on our edit tool and its newer version: Phoenix ( ). @madeline_oh is telling us about how it works !

Support our work:

ToS;DR – répondre au plus grand mensonge d’Internet
Article de framasoft ToS;DR ou " Terms of Service ; Didn't Read pour " Conditions Générales d'Utilisation ; pas lues est un projet cherchant à plus compréhensibles toutes ces dizaines, voire centaines, de conditions générales d'utilisation que nous acceptons toute l'année sans les lire tout en cochant la petite case promettant ...
#SvnetActuLibre #LogicielsLibres

And we all need your help to contribute to this effort! Join the effort on and/or donate:

Worried that you don't know the answers to basic questions, such as how long Google keeps data about you, e.g. your online searches (even without a Google account)?

This is why we made

Did you know that all the Terms of Service of Apple applicable to you when using an iPhone are longer than Shakespeare's MacBeth?

Now you know.

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