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Rick @rmdes

@huguesdelamure tout ceux et celles qui l'utilisent tout les jours ?
ici en simultané depuis mon site Web :)

Et c'est partis pour la deuxième journée de couverture #FestPopBXL, début des activités vers 14h, info sur festpop.brussels/programme/

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J'ai posté une issue sur le GitHub de #Mastodon pour proposer l'idée d'un outil de recherche d'instance.

Si vous voulez jeter un œil ou commenter/compléter l'idée c'est par là ---> github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

MastoView - random mastodon server listing: unmung.com/mastoview?random=1

I need to find a replacement for #rebelmouse once and for all, already experimented various self-hosted systems but none is actually giving me the results I'm expecting. time to really move on !

So happy to have @indiehosters to upgrade to latest @withKnown version :) #indieweb

#Belgique : La nouvelle circulaire "scandaleuse" de l'Office des étrangers levif.be/s/r/c/660871

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The keybase app for iOS is available! Keybase - Crypto for Everyone by Keybase

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Tooty, un client Web alternatif pour #Mastodon. C'est une application statique (donc facile à déployer) et multicomptes...
github.com/n1k0/tooty mamot.fr/media/6ez_e50Xis8TTwE

@jan tip : cloudron.io and @yunohost can help you handle the technicality of emails in ways that were not previously possible, without lots of sys admin know-how. the barrier is getting lower, specifically with @cloudron_io

Today #FamiliesMoveEU I'll be on one of the panel to present @HWCbrussels hwc.brussels/ talk about what we do + hint #indieweb

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A very interesting take on the problems of blockchain applications


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Oh, d'après la map, Mastodon prend son envole en Russie, ou j'ai raté quelque chose ? dashboards.mnm.social/

#Mastodon #Russie

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This is absolutely mind blowing. I love it:

There Are 2 Dimensions of Time, Theoretical Physicist States


@marsxyz profile export/import works great but I dunno even if online contacts were offline, even after adding contact..

@marsxyz I usually do this with xmpp/jabber but not everyone has an account ') I thought in the moment tox would be easier to jump in jut err it wasn't.. it doesn't handle well same account on multi device I guess..

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@rmdes Just force everyone who want to contact you to go through tox, thats what I've done with friend and girlfriend and it werks pretty well for now :D