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@aral We work on this list:

But at indie.host we focus more on hosting free software as a service.
(as for the name, you had the best one, but to be fair, we had our crowdfunding at the same time as you, and I think we both come from IndieWeb mouvement :) )

We are working in the reboot of libre.sh to help hosters host awesomly their users :)

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A great blogpost by @laura why Mastodon is so different yet the same (somehow) as other networks. And why running your own instance might be so easy. Now I want to get my own instance! On to the Cool Domainname Cave! laurakalbag.com/what-is-mastod

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Hier soir j'ai assisté à un #conseil communal. Le #leader usant de son talent d'orateur pour détourner le sujet principal; l'accès anonyme à de la documentation publique (un fondement d'une démocratie qui se voudrait saine) vers la critique de l'interpellant usant simplement de son droit civique.

Ce discours insensé fut applaudis par les représentants siégeant au conseil.

En 2018, en #Belgique dans une commune censée représenter un «haut niveau de #civilisation».

#Féodal comme #spectacle.

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Chrome team thinks URLs suck. You suck Google, the problem is you...

Google Wants to Kill the URL

“But it’s important we do something, because everyone is unsatisfied by URLs. They kind of suck."


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Hey #SocialCoop brain trust: what is the best #coop membershiop management system that you're aware of. Was talking to my local food co-op's membership manager, and she feels there's a lack of good options in the space, so they have a nightmarishly customized CiviCRM. but she'd prefer something else.

This has me thinking again about the #CoApp idea I tooted out a little while back, but wanting to figure out what's already out there before nudging towards reinventing any wheels...

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This is it 🎉 !

After several months of alpha/beta-testing, we are proud today to release *YunoHost 3.0 for Stretch*, as well as version 2.7.14 which includes a mechanism to migrate from Jessie to Stretch :toot: !

We want to give a warm thank to all people who took time to test and gave feedback on this release 😙 !

You can find further info on the release note : forum.yunohost.org/t/5020

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Annnnd we just released #YunoHost 3.1 ✌️, which in particular includes MUA autoconfig, such that it should now be much easier to interface Thunderbird (and other clients) with your email server 😜 !

Check out the full release note : forum.yunohost.org/t/yunohost-

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@aral Why a VPS? This means ±huge infra, virtualisation technologies, etc.

Why not internetcu.be/, running @yunohost and built on a fixed IP VPN address like the ones provided by neutrinet.be ?

Encouraging self-hosting instead of hosting services is encouraging « personnal computer(s) » instead of someone else computer(s) (virtual or not).

Yunohost is doing a huge work on « sysdamin tasks » to make it easy for one or more personnal domains or *.nohost.me or *.noho.st

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what the fuck is this person doing with fediverse.org/ can we please figure out how to convince this person to give the domain to one of the projects whos actually doing fediverse related stuff?!

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So, Fediverse, need your advice… I need two things:

1. A domain name registration API
2. #Hosting with a #VPS (ideally OpenStack) provisioning/setup API

That are:

* Based in the EU
* As ethical as possible given the industry (extra points for green) but definitely not engaged in any surveillance-based shenanigans and, of course, #GDPR compliant

Goal: have people be able to register a domain name and have a VPS set up at it in as little time as possible.

Any suggestions? :)


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Twitter songe à son tour à instaurer un statut « en ligne » avec une pastille verte (et on s’en passerait bien)
Cool. On va encore avoir un peu plus de monde qui bascule sur Mastodon ;-P

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Alright, relay.joinmastodon.org is offline. It was keeping up with the release candidate level of activity but it's not ready for so many servers using it.

Some communities are already running their own relay, and that will be fine.

For now, feel free to disable/delete relay.joinmastodon.org from your relays settings page. Sorry for the trouble.

Need to write a book ? this tool writer-tools.com is amazing, create scenes, chapters, timelines inside your tablet or laptop, write on desktop/laptop, sync with all devices :))

If you know me even a little you know I'm a digital forward person, in fact I do what I do because of internet landing into my life in 1997. But before that.. Books were the only stream of knowledge, the only way to travel, the only way to take secret holidays with ephemeral heroes leading stories and adventures only accessible by reading.. Reading if you live in a prison, be it a physical or mental prisons, books are lik…

Periscope officially updated their supported bitrate from 800 to 4,000 kbps, this means same quality livestream with FB,YT, TW is now possible!

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