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How to kill an openweb feature ? just restrict your API to "professional" profiles and block it from "personal" profiles, and it's done !

Netwerkanalyse Sociaal Domein - Sociale Kaart Krimpenerwaard: socialekaartkrimpenerwaard.nl/

The future of Unions should be steering towards structures where workers, users, own the platform/service Infrastructures and can decide how to ethically govern themselves.

Just letting this one here : satoshis.place/ - let's see what the connected world can do together, how will it be inclusive ? what tribe is going to occupy the place ? what kind of collaboration will emerge out of the necessity to occupy empty space ? what will be the role of crypto currencies for this space experiment compared to the previous reddit space experiment ?

Probably one of the books I read, while still inside the cult I had been born in, that most impacted me when i was late teenager at the end of the 90's : archive.org/details/StrangerIn

✌️✌️ Fast, safe, and private internet is here. Setup the DNS Resolver in less than two minutes.

@KTHopkins The only place one can be "native" from is from this planet:… : rmendes.net/2018/kthopkins-the

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#Breaking Simples utilisateurs, designers, développeurs, c'est ouvert à tous: engagez-vous, rengagez-vous au tout premier hackathon Caliopen (les 26 et 27 mai à Paris). hackathon.caliopen.org

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I'm a bit sad. @N26FR@twitter.com, @bunq@twitter.com and @RevolutApp@twitter.com are really nice but can't be used for everyday life in Belgium due to the heavy use of "structured communication" for most payments (something which seems to be only in Belgium).

We are stuck with traditional banks until it changes…

@pierreozoux hey there.. I'm near Lyon can't check what's wrong but I get this when visiting my site :

503 Service Unavailable

No server is available to handle this request.

can you check it up?