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✌️✌️ Fast, safe, and private internet is here. Setup the DNS Resolver in less than two minutes.

@KTHopkins The only place one can be "native" from is from this planet:… : rmendes.net/2018/kthopkins-the

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#Breaking Simples utilisateurs, designers, développeurs, c'est ouvert à tous: engagez-vous, rengagez-vous au tout premier hackathon Caliopen (les 26 et 27 mai à Paris). hackathon.caliopen.org

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I'm a bit sad. @N26FR@twitter.com, @bunq@twitter.com and @RevolutApp@twitter.com are really nice but can't be used for everyday life in Belgium due to the heavy use of "structured communication" for most payments (something which seems to be only in Belgium).

We are stuck with traditional banks until it changes…

@pierreozoux hey there.. I'm near Lyon can't check what's wrong but I get this when visiting my site :

503 Service Unavailable

No server is available to handle this request.

can you check it up?

Great feeling when a website you like but does not provide promises to enable it as soon as possible because "there is revival of the format" - it's like we're back to 2003 all over again :)

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>do you believe #GDPR will actually be enforced ?
It might take a year or two in court cases, but they risk running, iirc, either €20mil or 4%, whichever is more, in fines. adds up quickly.

and i reckon it won't even take that long, i reckon the european courts will fast-track things like this, given enough evidence

MailSpring email client for Nix/McOs/WinX is absolutely brilliant and a real pleasure to use, what a refreshing experience after a while with Evolution/Thunderbird

How shares your data ? rebecca-ricks.com/paypal-data/
@paypal it's time actually serve people and it's time, we in Europe adopt & lead for a much better approach to Privacy Rights than the current digital far West-gold-rush. What's your take ? do you believe will actually be enforced ?

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Someone should create a (dynamic) DNS provider (ideally a non-profit) whose only stated mission is to help people take ownership of their Fediverse, e-mail and XMPP identities.

If my identity were herrabre.mastodon.xyz (a subdomain instead of user-@), I could move to another instance by requesting a DNS record change, and my social graph would remain intact.

A trustable social contract would be needed so I kept effective ownership of the subdomain; the non-profit would be responsible for that.

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This is noble. I'm curious how history and resolution of identities (from identity @ domain to resolving from a domain alone) would work.

Is it something that the #IndieWeb can play a role in? Having people own a domain, following others and taking ownership + reign that way?

@cwebber @fsfe

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@yunohost @rmdes

Wow O.o je suis en ville avec une connexion plus pourrie (~2Mo/s en dl et ~200ko/s en up) et j'héberge ma brique yunohost sans aucun souci. Seulement pour mail, framadate et RSS par contre. Faut arrêter avec la surconsommation de débit : pas besoin d'avoir le débit du CERN pour vivre et s'héberger xD

Mes documents, calendriers et contacts sont chez @duchesse Tu as sûrement un chatons près de chez toi pour t'héberger tout ça :)