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Rick @rmdes

Reclaiming Social Entrepreneurship | Daniela Papi Thornton : youtube.com/watch?v=RdrfMqBRfE

Seems like woodwind.xyz/ TLS cert is not getting renewed correctly

mapping natural disasters : Eruptions, Earthquakes, Emissions 1960-2017 : volcano.si.axismaps.io/

Axis Maps - Cartography. Visualization. Design.: axismaps.com/

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Question, il y a des Asperger dans le coin ? Repouet apprΓ©ciΓ©.

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the industrial revolution also paved the way for women's suffrage and all of the modern social movements


the technology developed during this time created a permanent change in our social dynamics. home automation specifically made maintaining a home something that one person could do in the evenings rather than a full time job. this created the opportunities that made these social movements possible.

Polinode : powerful network analysis in the cloud : polinode.com/

- newsroom the way it should be ? impressed by the quality of the product: kulectiv.com/

PechaKucha Night People for Cities: What is your plan for a liveable city? Tickets, vrij, 18 aug. 2017 om 19:00: eventbrite.nl/e/tickets-pechak

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@herrabre I don't know what the crowd-funding promises were, but you made something that works and I can keep GPG keys away from insecure Android things. That's quite an achievement, especially since GPG support in RoundCube was nowhere for the longest time, and I'm not sure if it's much better now.

If you're blocked then take a rest or work on something else for a while.

@HerraBRE wish you to find the balance by finding inner strength to accept what's done, fix what you can, avoid future mistakes. I for myself thank you for mailpile and for providing a great piece of code to the community. You are only as strong and useful to your project if your state of mind is in peace with yourself and your surroundings, sometimes taking a break, breathing away from the project can help find back purpose and light to create hope and energy to keep going:)