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Rick @rmdes

It's crazy how some websites (think Vimeo, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Google) do everything to HIDE their RSS feed & make sure it is nowhere to be found on all the usual URI.

@mlk to make sure user generated content stay in their possession? To make sure future generations think "the web" is mistaken as their privatized for profit gardens where people are products, some of these services allow API access to their content but one need to be authentified, meaning login or app access tied to your account. Hopefully the web is always providing solutions like RSS-bridge, a open source tool you can run on your own server that fetch information from silo's

@rmdes i didn't know about rss-bridge, that is neat. I like getting the data liberated from a service and into open format

@mlk loving rss-bridge too, it's amazing to get the data liberated from the silo's that easy !

@mlk I run an instance of RSS-bridge at rss.hwc.brussels, Allowing to get data out of faceb, youtu.be, Twitter, etc... Rssbri also have custom Bridges to website that does not provide RSS for technical reasons, allowing us to still subscribe to their Content, without limitation. There will always be solutions but giants of the web are closing their doors and it's a trend that is only getting worst.