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@celesteh as to _what_ is the case?

@sebasqien il y a un « éditeur visuel » qui utilise presque aucune balise, tu as essayé ?

@celesteh ... I recommend reading the articles in Charlie Hebdo, if you haven't done so yet. They happen to often be very intelligent and balanced, whereas the caricatures strike most people as overtly disrespectful, insulting and outrageous.

@celesteh "no gods" can be a cover for islamophobia and antisemitism, but "gods ok" can be a cover for justifying letting people do whatever shit their deity supposedly tells them to... I think Charlie Hebdo gives all religions shit when their followers do stupid shit. Currently, Muslim people doing stupid shit are in the spotlight in France, which I assume is why Charlie Hebdo gives Islam so much shit. ->...

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#Mastodon v1.4.2 released with many important bug fixes as well as features, such as customizing web UI columns and deleting your own account

Upgrade notes:


"Five ways to make your #coffee habits more #sustainable"

Centered on #Australia, but a few good tips here. Would add that you can use an AeroPress with a steel filter too, and that you could think if drinking less coffee or switch to tea. And avoid dairy products too.

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If you have time to read something today (or tomorrow or at any time) you should read this:

This report shows how we are tracked, analysed and influenced by a network of corporation that have more power than governments.

We all knew about it (so more other less) but this reports condenses all those links in an easily readable format aimed at non technical people.

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Hello friends! I need some help this month, if you wouldn't mind, I would really appreciate anything you would like to spare! I am currently unemployed but on my final rounds for the interview process. Unfortunately I do not have anymore money for gas to get to this interview next week.. Any help at all would be so unbelievably appreciated! So please even if all you can do is boost this status, I would be so thankful! I am so close to getting this job, and I am trying to sell my old electronics for some quick cash as well, so if donations are not your thing, and you need a new phone, or a laptop, or some other misc. electronic, please send me a message on here, or XMPP if you would like more privacy..

I have a couple donation links on my site if you prefer paypal, or bitcoin. IF you also like I accept ETC/ETH/LTC and some others via private message on XMPP.

Thank you all so much, and I completely understand if you can't, or don't want to, donate. Totally cool :)

Thank you for listening. <3 Love you all!
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#Announcement #Mastodon
We are Live with our first iteration of which is going to serve as the Mastodon landing page for new users.

It is still a Work In Progress, but we are now sufficiently far along to be able to share it with you.
We want to make it easier for new users to join up.

Feedback thread

I was a helper at a #SoftwareCarpentry #python workshop today, at #UQ. Always nice to feel useful and brush up on Python basics. Would recommend this workshop to anyone looking for an introduction to scientific computing!

@Deetz y'a pas un truc qui s'appelle Ampache?

Anyone using #Vultr for their server needs? I am not sure what to choose for creating a new #Mastodon instance and a new #Diaspora pod. VC2? Block Storage? I'm obviously very new to hosting.

@franko good on you! Thinking about doing the same in Brissie :)

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RT if you think decision-makers @timberners_lee + @W3C should listen to the marchers and reject #!

@Yuffy @Plumy est-ce que en français aussi on préfère dorénavant le terme "trans", moins chargé et plus inclusif ?