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We need to do a better job of normalizing selfies by people - especially trans people - who aren't conventionally attractive, who aren't thin and well-defined and who don't even come close to fitting society's expectation of what someone of their gender should look like.

I'd like to see more selfies from trans women who look like me - fat and round and "too masculine" and unkempt.

So I'll start.

(Marked sensitive for eye contact.)

The story of the Dolphin
- by Dan Ibbertson on

Hey, PSA and reminder: I created a room that is dedicated to sharing the (mainly sharing digital cultural works currently) and anyone can join and participate :!PbNlnxVMSOLgIeSsZ
Let's show everyone that there is plenty of high quality stuff released into the Commons! 🌈 🤘

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Oct 17 Update: We have decided to tag the release tomorrow as version 1.0.0-beta.

Tomorrows release will include:
- Partial Federation Support*
- Updated admin/user tools
- Video support
- New compose UI
- Bug fixes

* - It may launch without the ability to follow a remote user from pixelfed, the search logic need to be updated for that and will be released in a day or two after.

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A major flaw in Debian-based distros is that when you execute `SUDO APT UPDATE && SUDO APT UPGRADE` it results in an error instead of just executing the lower-case version in a real big rush (with random little errors, which would be part of the deal).

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Changer le monde, un octet à la fois – par @Framasoft

Excellent article qui fait une rétrospective de l'association, expose les plans actuels et évoque le futur. Ça fait vraiment chaud au cœur de lire ce genre de chose ; iels me donnent beaucoup d'espoir pour un futur durable et « doux ». ✊ 🌈

Le lecture était tellement prenante que j'en ai fait bouillir et déborder mon lait de soja... 😕

Bravo Frama, longue vie !

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Scholar Social meta Show more

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We finally released #PeerTube v1!

Please upgrade ASAP: it fixes a vulnerability regarding HTTP signature.

Until the end of the year, we'll work on v1 support/bugfixes and add some moderation tools

Have a nice week 😋

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it’s okay to not be “””productive””” (whatever that means)

it’s okay to do what you want (create and design things, nap, read, play games, research, learn, nothing) and there’s no need to feel badly about any of it

don’t let capitalism make you feel badly for doing things that make you feel good, whatever those things may be.

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When this post is an hour old, it will be a week until :pixelfed: releases federation support!

It's been quite the journey, I can't wait to release all the new features. 😉 #pixelfed

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Proprietary, centralized, and monetized. If those three words describe a service, you are subjecting yourself to exploitation by using it. Try to take as much control over your data as possible.
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📢 Oyé Oyé les thécaires ! @angiegaudion cherche des gens à suivre sur le mammouth 📖 ! Levez la main ! 🙋‍♂️ #bib #bibliotheque #librarian

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You’re welcome to join into virtual conversations with some people at the Open Education conference next week! Join us with Virtually Connecting! #openedu #OER

A very heartfelt TZAG to all the meat in my Fedi chunk!

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RT Si un seul graphique doit présenter le problème, c'est celui-là !

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