instead of #hourlycomicsday I decided to do #minutelyComicsHour. I managed 53 panels. So, strap in for FRANKENHELSING (1/8)

#comics #art #mastoart

I know it's a long shot, but can anyone help us get $25 closer to our $435 goal for the day? 😟

It's already almost 8pm and we're still $200 from what we need just for shelter debt! 😰

Partner and I aren't doing well, we haven't eaten in 2 days, our storage is over-locked, and everything is starting to fall apart 😭

Links above if interested, literally any amount would help! 🙏🏻💗✨

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I would love to hear about trans joy this week. So much horrible stuff in the news, yet I know the trans community lives life fully and finds joy even in dark times.

So have you done something joyful lately? Or know something joyful about the trans community? I'd love to hear it! Or post it with #TransJoy because joy is resistance.

Coders: explore under the hood of LibreOffice, and find out how VCL (the Visual Class Library) is used to create UI widgets on different platforms:

Join us this weekend at #FOSDEM in Brussels! Say hello to LibreOffice community members at our stand, and check out the tech-tastic talks in our devroom:

Catastrophic (and to be frank - hugely depressing)

This new research in @PNASNews suggests earth will cross the 1.5 degrees C temperature increase threshold in the next decade (within just 10 to 15 years) and is likely to exceed 2 degrees C by around 2060.

This should be THE lead story on the news today (and onwards) and the lead action point for our governments. It should trigger a massive call for real global action to combat the #climateemergency - sadly though I fear this news will barely register.

We have to stop believing the siren calls of future technology solutions and #carbonoffsets - the immediate need is a rapid end to the use of #fossilfuels and a massive rollout of #renewableenergy

#ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis

A comprehensive map of all countries that use the MMDDYYYY date format

"The enemy doesn't arrive by boat, he arrives by limousine"

Sticker spotted in Dublin, Ireland

"Vegan gay times"?
This is the future that liberals want. :blobcatgiggle:

Merci à toustes les gens en grève aujourd’hui ! 👏✊🏽

Good resolution for 2023: move to Mastodon ✅
🧊 🛰️ 🧊 🛰️ 🧊 🛰️ 🧊 🛰️ 🧊 🛰️
Looking forward to talk about #seaice, #EarthObservation, #climate physics, #scicomm and #EarlyCareerResearchers in #english and #german

time to post again the best user interface i've ever seen

Mes étudiants en informatique ont entre 20 et 25 ans.

Beaucoup n’ont jamais utilisé Twitter. Certains ont essayé et ont trouvé ça horrible. Les comptes Facebook servent essentiellement pour leurs parents/grands-parents.

Si votre raison de rester sur ces réseaux propriétaires c’est de "ne pas s’enfermer dans une bulle", j’ai un scoop: les réseaux sociaux propriétaires sont des bulles très limitées et fermées.

Elles sont simplement optimisées pour vous faire croire le contraire.

MOOC Pollinisateurs, par Tela Botanica et d'autres.

Inscriptions ouvertes. Cours gratuit. Commence le 20 mars. Je pense le faire parce que ça me manque un peu, d'en apprendre plus sur la nature. Toucher des ordinateurs à longueur de journée, y'a une limite quand-même !

@vishybear @breadandcircuses

#capitalism is the religion of the imaginary god Capital. There is no confusion here.

Many people are confused by lies told to justify capitalism. Capitalism is not "voluntary exchange".

We are lied to about what "human nature" is, conditioned to believe that what we've become under capitalism is our intrinsic, inescapable nature. In reality human history utterly disproves this lie.

Capitalism is not a separate thing from "corporatism" or whatever adjective one thinks can absolve capitalism of its toxic core.

Capitalism is oppression and exploitation of the vast majority by a tiny few who run everything. It is designed to concentrate and preserve the power of these few.

The solution to oppression is quite simply to throw off one's oppressors. Human beings can organize together horizontally, we do not need to be ruled over by someone with more power. This is a lie obviously pushed by those in power.

This shit is actually pretty obvious once you ask a few questions and stop blindly accepting bullshit assumptions that have been drilled into us.

There is no singular "solution" or system to be adopted, just a system of oppression to be toppled so that we can get back to the business of being human together, without bosses and resource hoarders. We did this for millennia without artificially imposed carrot and stick motivations.

¿Buscas nuevas tipografías? 👩‍💻☑️
𝗕𝗮𝗱𝗮𝘀𝘀 𝗟𝗶𝗯𝗿𝗲 𝗙𝗼𝗻𝘁𝘀 𝗕𝘆 𝗪𝗼𝗺𝘅𝗻 es un proyecto de Loraine Furter que recopila diferentes fuentes tipográficas creadas por mujeres.
Son de libre descarga y código abierto🙌

¡Conócelas aquí!

capitalism, rent, gardening 

Middle one lives in a falling down weatherboard cottage with her girlfriend, in one of four unrenovated homes in a row owned by the same investor. They all have huge old gardens. The tenants are shared households, queer, Asian. They are all caring for their original gardens, putting down paths and trimming old hedges.

The investor has collected the set, like monopoly. He will reach a sweet spot in having enough money in rent and all four will be demolished for high density apartment construction. He will profit unimaginably, all four households will be homeless, all the old gardens lost.

Her girlfriend took me into the garden to lift aside a leaf and see the emergence of tadpoles in the new pond. The garden is full of life, and doomed.

Capitalism, truly. Not fit for human flourishing at all.


Marrugeku - This is Australia

"Filmed in the Kimberley on the lands of the Bunuba people in Fitzroy Crossing, Western Australia"

Video's CW: depictions of violence, racial abuse, and police, border security and juvenile justice system brutality.

## Relatica - the new desktop and mobile Fediverse client

Relatica is a new, refreshing, and promising cross platform #Friendica client in beta now.

#Relatica runs on #Android, #Linux, #Mac, and #Windows. It also has some welcome and ambitious goals on the roadmap:

Testers, packagers, and early adopters are wanted for the official beta program.

Relatica's developer is friendly, accessible, and responsive. The project enjoys an aggressive development cycle and has its own dedicated #Matrix support channel.

It's good to see a novel and dedicated effort to deliver a capable #desktop and mobile client that allows for #social engagement without a browser:

For those here that aren't aware already, Friendica is one of the earliest and yet most modern and feature rich #Fediverse platforms, #internetworking with other protocols that enables you to do things like directly interface with #Diaspora and even the deprecated legacy silo networks too.

#Friendica has a pluggable addon system and provides direct support for multiple text formats and even direct linking of images in posts.

There's really just too much to list. If you're wanting a feature complete platform for #publishing, #microblogging, #news, #RSS, social engagement and more then Relatica is definitely worth trying out!

If you're interested in trying out Relatica's ease of use and features then you'll need to have a user account on a Friendica server.

You can self-host or get yourself a free Friendica account here:

I hope that helps!

I can be reached on Matrix at:

via XMPP at:

and in the Fediverse at:

#tallship #FOSS #Relatica #ActivityPub You can haz #Cheezburgerz! 🍔


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