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Les Cols Verts Rennes recherchent un renfort en maraîchage à partir de fin février.

Maraîcher⋅e adjoint⋅e en agriculture urbaine Poste CDD 8 mois, temps plein annualisé

PDF de l'offre:

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I'm gonna be offering free advice and support for questions related to linux, FLOSS and online privacy from now on.
Are you considering switching to a linux OS? Are you looking for alternatives to your proprietary software and hardware? Do you need to know how to do X thing in your new OS/software? Do you want to know if Y thing is even possible with linux? Hit me up. Public or DM, either is fine

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Hello, je cherche une structure basée à Lyon qui ferait de l'infogérance, avec des valeurs éthiques, pour recommander à un théâtre qui souhaiterait se faire accompagner dans la refonte de son installation informatique. (Et la partie cloud pourrait être assurée en collab avec @IndieHosters :) ) (boost apprécié)

@rstats A course attendee asked me if I could recommend a list of concepts and terms used when learning . I searched and searched and couldn't find anything suitable, because most resources focus on describing how to use the tools, rather than explaining what words mean.

So I put together this list:

What do you think? I want to keep it nice and short, but is anything missing, or should be worded differently?

Hey completely forgot to share that I got this beautiful little artwork delivered ages ago, it’s by @Quiralta and he does beautiful stuff and you should check him out! 🤗

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I mean of *course* writing image descriptions and avoiding ableist language are just things you should do, if you are able, because they're the right things to do. But I think some people have a fear that making their language less oppressive, for instance, will limit their expression. It doesn't! In fact, because ableist language is so often cliche and hackneyed, avoiding them helps you think about your expressions and come up with more original, more accurate ones instead.

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Salut #internet 🙂
Petite annonce :
Je recherche des personnes qui prennent des nouvelles fréquement (au mois une à deux fois par mois) et donnent de leurs nouvelles. Affectueuses et aimant l'affection. Qui aiment les #jeuxvidéos (surtout les jeux retro). Végés, #vegan, ou en prenant la direction. Science et esprit critique friendly. Curieuses, artistes, #diy, hobbyists, makers. #geek ou nerds. Neuroatypique, mais pas obligé tant que tu arrive à me comprendre. Pour #amitié durable :blob_aww:

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Last week it was my birthday, so if you want to give me a belated bday gift you can: subscribe to DIY content subscription service away from patreon, here:


Help us at PV, the Black instance chased off the fedi, continue to build a new platform for users that allow for actual safety here:

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Mise à jour du fichier de #radios sans #publicité, elles sont #privée, #public, #communautaires ou #associatives.
Elles sont Françaises, Belges, Canadiennes, Américaines, Anglaises et maintenant ajout de radios Allemandes.
Ajout de radio qui est super intéressante musicalement, elle va vous changer du reste, vraiment à découvrir.

Pour télécharger le fichier prêt à la consommation, un #chaton, une #association de défense des #libertés via :

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Another night ride with the kids. Went further tonight, right next to the maritime museum, at the end of South Bank. First time I go on this cute little pontoon I believe.

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Does anyone have any simple tips for maintaining an environmentally friendly lawn in #Aotearoa | #NewZealand?

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Selfies, eye contact, crowdfunding 

Hey. So I talked about this in other instances, but I’m going to be moving to a new place next month. I need help with covering rent and bills while I look for a new job. You can support me directly through Venmo, Paypal or Cashapp.

You can also support my writing through Patreon. I have written some new essays lately and am going to release more.

Venmo: FarahT
Cashapp: $Underwraps77

Thank you for your support. ❤️

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What's clear from the reaction to this most recent privacy policy change is that WhatsApp shares much more information with Facebook than many users were aware, and has been doing it since 2016.

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Yesterday was the 100th birthday of #MurrayBookchin, founder of #communalism and the concept of #socialecology.

His works like 'The Ecology of Freedom' and 'Post-Scarcity Anarchism' are among the most influential pieces of literature on #ecology and its relationship with mankind.

May his works continue to inspire many people!

#nature #anarchism #environment

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Who called it a cheese grater and not a cheese smaller?

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"The real secret to Apple's success is not design, but extreme labour exploitation across its global South supply chains, enabled by monopsony power. [...] Without these patterns of exploitation, Apple's profit margins would be wiped out and/or its retail prices would be so high as to be unaffordable. The business model is built on cheapening the lives of others."

-- Jason Hickel

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