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Has anyone listed blocklists of bigot / faschy / general idiocy domains (with reasons why each one is blocked), and is it super easy to import one that suits you when you create a new instance?

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find those weird corners of the web, be present in lots of different places, write lists and poetry and html and music and put it on small servers everywhere, populate the sewerage network of the network, share precious files with randoms, hide something and don''t tell anyone, have several identities, be kind.

Just signed into + for the first time to have a look at a dying social network, should be interesting.
Also, someone had some fun on the Google+ Wikipedia article recently :

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"404 Page Not Found" by @mcmansionhell

I don't know how to express how much I love this article. I'm glad someone is documenting the history of the internet from more than just the perspective of those who did or didn't make a billion dollars.

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Three years since the beginning of my Ubuntu Animal Illustration Series. Everything started with the first Ubuntu release (20. October 2004), Warty Warthog. Since then I've illustrated all Ubuntu releases, 29 artworks so far.

Thank you, #Ubuntu for being awesome.

#art #illustration #mastoart

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How do you cook a hard boiled egg? I fucked this one all the way up.

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[ racked with delirium ]


[ clutches head ]


[ staggers, faints ]

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dans le foutraque des mel pro de reprises d'activité, entre les voeux, les demandes de reporting et les ratons laveurs
y a des newsletters que tu es contente de recevoir

comme celle du GRAIN :

groupe d'éducateur⋅es chercheur⋅es belges qui constituent :
Le GRAIN, association d’éducation permanente qui poursuit l’émancipation des milieux populaires par la voie de l’éducation

très jolis textes aussi bien d'expériences que théoriques sur l'éducation et l'émancipation

May you all have a wonderful day. Stay safe, and try to find kindness for yourself and your peers to get through the difficult bits. Your feelings all matter and can be talked about.

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Senate Hearing into the NBN featuring the first NBNCo Chair, Mike Quigley, showing just how much of a complete hash the L/NP coalition has made of it since coming to power. Decisions by the Abbott/Turnbull Govt amounts to flagrantly wasting public funds and setting back Australia's Internet industry by decades. If you're an Australian, this should make you really really mad.

#politics #auspol #NBN

TFW you proudly get your soldering iron for a little repair job and it doesn't stick and it's the old tube of super glue in the fridge that does it in the end.

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@Truck @alis @drzaiusx11 More specifically: once upon a time, programming is what you *did* with home computers (aside from playing video games), even if your age was in the single digits. The expectation that all computer users would be amenable to learning a little bit of programming -- that programming would be normal among non-programmers the same way using a screwdriver is among non-carpenters -- has gone away & we've mystified programming as something only aspiring programmers do.

Join the Fediverse©!
Find your Fedifrens™,
Feel the Fedifference™.

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