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@pierreozoux On the instance, I have an issue with clicking in the post box when writing something, and everything I had written instantaneously disappearing. Has anyone else experienced that?

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Rappelons que l'article I de la Loi Informatique et Libertés est toujours en vigueur. Il dispose que :

« [L'informatique] ne doit porter atteinte ni à l'identité humaine, ni aux droits de l'homme, ni à la vie privée, ni aux libertés individuelles ou publiques. »

Me demande si les gens pondant tous les textes sécuritaires ont lu cet article ou s'ils se torchent juste le derrière avec 🤔

Is @miraculouspics really a bot that posts photos with no relation to the caption? On purpose? If so, I'd recommend.

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1.5 million users now block third-party trackers from following them on the web with @PrivacyBadger. Join them here source:

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Hubzilla-2.6 Released!

This release marks a huge leap forward in regard to bridges to other networks (mainly Diaspora and GNU-Social/Mastodon). Here is a summary of the most important changes...

I was keeping two , which were really handy whenever we had an issue with our smarter ones. It was also pretty refreshing to be able to only charge them once a week (!). But I just realised today that and have already shutdown their network in , and is to follow in September, signing the complete death of the 2G network.

Does anyone know what I should do with dumbphones that are in perfect working order but are of no use in Australia?

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@SlowRain I was thinking about heroes recently, and how they might be a bad thing / just a product of our individualistic society that breeds competition and veneration of a small number of god-like figures, instead of seeing ourselves as one species capable of amazing things when resources and wealth and trust are shared, where everyone is valued for their uniqueness, not how special they are. But maybe role models are better? Anyway, currently my hero is Aaron Swartz, hands down

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if you're interested in programming (or you're like me who codes for fun) and maybe codecademy of freecodecamp are not for you, why don't you try one of these?..

enjoy! ☺

Ad-blocking under attack by DMCA bullshit.

Shitheads can keep being shitheads but shitheads will lose.

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Je viens de rentrer dans le classement européen d'OpenStreetCam pour mes maigres contributions à la cartographie de la Sardaigne.

Rappel : #OpenStreetCam se veut la solution libre de StreetView de Google.

À partager afin que l'application gagne en popularité !

#Osm #OpenStreetMap

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Advice request! 🏚 💰 🏠 Do you know of any ideas, techniques, roles or processes that a group can use to collectively spend money with minimal social destruction?

Info: I'm working with a group of people doing free work for common good. We've been doing this nomadically with virtually zero cost for over a year. Some of us chose to buy a cheap place with savings to set up a rent-free house which will provide more stability, but this introduces costs that we will apply for funding.

@guerrillarain openshot has seen a lot of development after their crowdfunding campaign, you might want to give it a *shot*.

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Nos amis de Côte d'Ivoire du comité #JMSI et de #Ayiyikoh organise leur 2e journée de la Maintenance et de Sécurité Informatique, les 04 & 05 août 2017 à Fablab Ayiyikoh
Thème: Maintenance, Sécurité & Logiciel Libre

Avec pour le première fois ce magnifique portable à gagner

That thing the Australian government does with showing you how your tax is used is a good thing I reckon, but what a sad thing it is to notice that more money is spent on defence than on education. I hope we will soon live in a world where that doesn't make any sense anymore. [500 internal server error when uploading a picture??]