...WE APPEAL to the Australian nation of today to make new laws for the education and care of Aborigines, we ask for a new policy which will raise our people TO FULL CITIZEN STATUS and EQUALITY WITHIN THE COMMUNITY.’"

That was 1936. The date has been a problem and the celebration actively protested for so long.


* this is the original wording but don't use this derogatory term.


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Day of Mourning Proclamation, 26th of January 1938

"‘WE, representing THE ABORIGINES* OF AUSTRALIA, assembled in conference at the Australian Hall, Sydney, on the 26th day of January, 1938, this being the 150th Anniversary of the Whiteman's seizure of our country, HEREBY MAKE PROTEST against the callous treatment of our people by the whitemen during the past 150 years, AND...


I like here better than bird website but it’s not really poppin and there’s not enough niggas

Are anyone looking for a job in graphic programming or tech art with some lower level gpu stuff involved ? Remote possible, part time possible

its so strange to me the way we devalue food from certain countries when the foods that are highly praised only exist in their status because of colonization.

tomatoes, corn, chocolate, potatoes, vanilla, not a damn one of those things associated with any european cuisine are native to that country. all of that is from the americas. so sure lets spend a couple hundred on belgian chocolates but the idea of gourmand tacos is ridiculous? hm.

Do you wish the Fediverse had its own alternative to Twitch?

There's one called @owncast . It already works as a self-hosted alternative, and is currently testing Fediverse support:


The Fediverse support is only on test accounts at the moment, such as @wesley . You can already follow these test accounts from Mastodon etc and you will see posts in your feed when their streams are live.

Fediverse support will hopefully be on the release version of OwnCast soon 🤞

#OwnCast #Fediverse #FediTips #Twitch #Alternatives #ActivityPub #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Video #LiveStreaming #LiveStream

A PhD researcher at the University of Huddersfield is looking for intersex people over 50 across Europe:


📌 Recommendations for articles, papers, essays, studies, etc. on environmental sustainability related to digital issues that others here should read?

You post, #GreenFediverse boosts 🚀

Bikes still work even when they're fucked up entirely...

Beat that, cars who stop working if you dont pay your subscription fee

Ah, j'avais oublié de vous poster une BD assez longue que j'avais faite sur un thé punk. Si, ça existe, je vous laisse découvrir ça :)

My computer is not your billboard 

I don't consent to downloading, executing or viewing your ads. You are not entitled to my time, my attention, my computer.

I don't care how much you want the money. How much you say you need it. If you don't want me freeloading, put a paywall; I might not pay, but I don't object to being denied a webpage. I object to ads.

There are no acceptable or ethical ads. Ads are distractions, annoyances, disruptions. They interfere with people's work, fun, mental health.

Hey turns out I forgot one step in the Twitter Outsider dance:

- After reloading the page, you get the banner again. You can then close that one.

Yes, it’s actually even sillier than above. 🤦‍♀️

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Just learned about two packages that can help with :

- potools: easy internationalisation of R packages (michaelchirico.github.io/potoo)
- preferably: accessible template for pkgdown (preferably.amirmasoudabdol.nam)


a computer can never be held accountable

therefore a computer must never make a management decision

(IBM, 1979 slide)

I just signed DORA. If you think the creation, sharing and use of in could be greatly improved, you can sign too:


A lot of the points resonate with what I believe can help make better, but it also introduced me to new principles that make absolute sense, e.g.:

"[...] remove all reuse limitations on reference lists in research articles and make them available under the Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication"

Pop!_OS security review done. They missed out on a lot of points because of two ignored vulnerabilities 😞


#linux #infosec

One of my favorite things is seeing Tesla drivers from outside California where weather exists encounter problems the designers didn't account for. Like how rainwater on your trunk door just flows directly into the opening trunk instead of being channelled away like in every other car.

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