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Some say my Grandfather looks like Carl from Up, but tall and skinny.
He's a big inspiration to me.
He's an amazing artist, even though he was born colorblind.
As a child I used to sit on his desk and help him pick colors. He'd ask "Is this leaf-green?" and show me a bright pink pencil.
Today he suffers from cataract and his dominant arm was crippled in a car accident. Neither keeps him from drawing.
This is my favorite of his drawings - "Easter Walk".
#smallstories #family #art #disability

@mikegerwitz I'm mostly interested in taking the time to make good use of technology, to ponder new technology and identify risks as much as we do benefits, to re-use and repair devices, to educate people about software freedom and access to culture and knowledge, to appreciate life freed of technology every so often...

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'...The notion that Twitter couldnโ€™t curb spam bots and Nazis or that Google couldnโ€™t blacklist 4chan from its news overview is absurd. The issue is that, for revenue purposes, engagement with the informational equivalent of a leaking septic tank is indistinguishable from engagement with news sources that arenโ€™t explicitly trying to deceive and defraud readers. The political Facebook ads that were allegedly purchased by the Russian government went into the same money vault as ads from Nike and Pepsi, and rape-threat tweets count just as much on Twitterโ€™s quarterly earnings calls as announcements from NASA and Dennyโ€™s. The increasingly toxic internet is working as designed by the companies that control most of it โ€” corporate monoliths that hold the primary channels of digital information distribution and obligations to shareholders, not civil society..'

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#introductions #mastoart #creativetoots

Hallo! I'm an illustrator from Manila who loves drawing food and napping. ๐ŸŒธ

Currently working and dreaming of drawing for children's books! Nice to meet you all!

@marya beautiful work! Welcome! :)

@Monplaisir released an album that is also a proud outing.

They release tons of music for the on their if you want to have a browse.

Congratulations and <3 !

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How do we change the world ?
Is it by taking actions ?
Is it by making strikes ?
Is it by violence ?
Is there even a "we" nowadays in the common thought ?
Obviously these make a change, but in what direction ?
How do we make positive changes ?
And even more importantly how do we change ourselves ?
How do we know that we are on the wrong path ?
How do we judge ourselves ?
We can question ourselves a lot on these subjects it always come to one thing.
A choice.

@mangeurdenuage really important questions. One part of the answer in my opinion and from my experience, surprisingly accessible, is to lead by example. A corollary is to avoid violent confrontation and accusation, often fruitless and polarising and frustrating. Some pointers:
Hope that helps :)

@schestowitz something to be very proud of. How do we foster and maintain such a nice environment?

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In #twitter I get a lot of abuse.
In #gab I receive VERY racist abuse.
In #mastodon and #diaspora none. Very SOCIAL networks. Social.

Hey, I started a room (i.e. on the network) dedicated to sharing artistic, cultural and educational material from the . Please join to share the most valuable things you find, and discover new things.

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๐ŸŽจ maybe you create art, photography, design, using software like #krita #gimp #ardour #blender, #darktable, #mypaint #inkscape

๐ŸŽผ ...and music using #ardour #lmms #kxstudio #hydrogen #puredata or distros like #ubuntustudio

๐Ÿ“ ...or when writing stories your tools to go are #plume #libreoffice or #zim

๐Ÿ“ฝ Maybe you make films and animation with #kdenlive #pitivi #synfig

๐ŸŽฎ ...or make games with #godot or #twine

๐Ÿ›  You might be using tools like #robocut #openCAD #processing or #arduino to create your art or design of any form

๐ŸŽช or simply creating art using traditional mediums, doing work in performance art, circus arts or theatre, using any of the above or others to create or document your work.

are you an artist or creative in the most generic sense of the word, and use #FOSS / #FLOSS / #OpenSource software as part of your workflow?

consider tagging your works with
๐Ÿง #artWithOpenSource tag and check out the tag for works by your fellow mastodon artists who also prefer Open Sourced alternatives.

(sibling tags of interest: #linuxartists #flossart #libreMonday and #creativeCommons )

#Mastoart #photography #creativeToots #gamedev #art

@PlugNPlayPoppet yeah pretty rubbish title now that you mention it, but interesting article nonetheless. And to tell you the truth, I prefer people who read and stay silent to people who don't read and start an argument based on a title :/

The hypocrisy of the on the Catalan referendum โ€“

"When Venezuela stacks the constitutional court to ensure that democracy movements are labelled illegal, the cries foul. When the same thing happens in ? Silence."

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"The Internet Archive is now leveraging a little known, and perhaps never used, provision of US copyright law, Section 108h, which allows libraries to scan and make available materials published 1923 to 1941 if they are not being actively sold."

"If the Founding Fathers had their way, almost all works from the 20th century would be public domain by now (14-year copyright term, renewable once if you took extra actions)."

@guerrillarain great read, thanks for sharing :)