J.K. Rowling, long post, read and show it to your cis friensd, boosts welcome 

I'm gonna need cis people to understand that J.K. Rowling is not a neutral/good/apolitical person with a bad habit. She is an evil, actively harmful agitator who has been a, if not the, central figure of laundering and libwashing a ultra-far-right hate and terrorist movement, whose hatespeech has encouraged very real, very deadly violence, who has served as inspiration and justification to fascists world-wide, both Putin and the Republicans, who has an immense wealth which she most likely uses to fund said hate movement as well, who has been a vocal supporter of openly fascist and anti-semitic ideologues (such as Magdalen "Soros funds the transes" Berns), who has lent massive amounts of publicity and credibility to far-right figures and those who openly collaborate with the far-right, and who has been quoted verbatim by fascist Republicans in their campaigns for deadly anti-trans bills.

She not your nice aunt who's a little weird. To put it in terms HP fans understand, she's not Molly Weasley, she's Bellatrix Lestrange. She is a key figure of the anti-trans movement that has acted as a vanguard for the fascist resurgence. She has been directly co-responsible for spawning the conspiracy theories you now see on Tucker Carlson and Libs of TikTok. She has spear-headed the campaign that has sabotaged the GRA reform. She has praised far-right ideologues such as self-described theocratic fascist Matt Walsh.

She is a fascist enabler. Treat her as such. Treat her like Orson Scott Card or Varg Vikernes. Don't buy her shit. She's got riches to last her several lifetime, and spare change to fund a dozen fascist movements without ever running out.


☁️💦💧Water Bodies💧💦☁️

our call for pitches now open through 12 OCT 2022

Hello masto !
Cherche appartement pour mon fils apprentis couvreur spécification zinc compagnon de devoir à partir de maintenant sur Nantes . Il a pris son job ce lundi et les allez retour sont difficilement gérable depuis Joué sur Erdre.
A 20 ans il veut son indépendance aussi 😅.
T2 voir T1 plus : loyer 550€ max.
Repouet fortement demandé. Merci 😊

My sister is wants to start a cafe in Groningen (in the North of the Netherlands) owned and run by Deaf people.

Mostly because something like this didn't exist yet, because she would have loved to work in a place like this when she was younger, and because we can do with more Deaf representation.

She is doing crowdfunding for it now here (Dutch language):

:boost_ok: 💓 ​

There’s good things about on but why is it so damn laggy and stuttery on my phone? Other apps are fine. Anyone else has this issue?

Aus Gov launching a review into childcare: “…the review will look at why it is so expensive, with $10.8m being put aside in the October budget to fund the ACCC to begin looking at what has happened in the multi-billion industry.”

The answer is literally in that sentence. It’s a corporate business worth billions, that charges what the market will bear. #SavedYouTenMillionDollars

Mutual Aid Request, Urgent 

0/400 €
Hey everyone, I desperately need to make 400 € in the next 14 days in order to pay my rent and not be at risk of eviction. I feel awful posting this yet again but I'm still really struggling to survive right now. Any help at all is a blessing <3

PAYPAL: margaridamariabruxa@gmail.com

I'm a trans woman of color and I really need help with rent, Ive been working for the last 10 years as a full service survival sex worker but I really can't do it anymore.

What’s the word for that immobilising despair + rage you feel when repeatedly crushed by a combination of inescapable capitalistic dynamics and unnecessarily complex bureaucracies?

Très bel article de @IndieHosters (membre du collectif @ChatonsOrg ) qui fait le bilan de deux ans d'aventures Liiibres !


I so appreciate @youcantoo — my timeline is filled with beautiful photography that they’re boosting. Random joys, vicarious travel. Thank you.

A reminder that there's a test question survey open at the moment, and your answers and feedback help me to design a better title question and a good first "family terms" set of questions for 2023:


Realization: the main utility of blockchain tech is that it presents an irrefutable argument for a wealth tax. If there’s enough bored money rattling around out there to fund obviously negative-sum nonsense like this, we can as a society choose to spend that money on public education, health care and clean running water instead.

"That most scientific processes now involve software should be an opportunity to improve reproducibility and provenance tracking and to facilitate experimentation, not the other way around."
#Guix #ReproducibleBuilds
but also IMHO good reading for people interesting in #programming in general

told my wife that doing donuts is also called "whippin shitties" in Ohio, and she said "ew" but then she couldn't stop saying "whippin shitties"

help a black trans lesbian couple who need help staying afloat after their car was stolen:

cash/venmo: imnotbijou

(only $880/10k has been raised)

Still chuckling about how the novel Lord of the Flies was specifically a critique of BRITISH imperialism and the violence that society instilled from childhood on, and has nothing to do with so-called "human nature."

When a group of real-life Tongan teenagers were stranded on an island and had to fend for themselves in a very similar scenario, what did they do? They built houses, a badminton court, and a gym, planted gardens, set up a rotating watch for passing ships, and peacefully resolved disputes until they were rescued 15 months later. Violent human nature my ass.

boosts welcome, seeking advice for chronic pain and fibromyalgia 

So chances are I’m looking at a fibromyalgia diagnosis, or at least, that’s what my medical team is saying. Which like, I was prepared for and expecting all kinds of other things - but I wasn’t expecting this.

So that leads me to the question: for those who are dealing with fibromyalgia what are some things you have learnt about the diagnosis that you didn’t learn from your doctor? What are some things that you’ve found have *actually* helped you with this? What do you wish you knew earlier on in your diagnosis?

I’ve been reading what I can find on the internet, but I’m really looking for some kind of input written by people with the condition or similar conditions, not shit written by people who don’t have anything similar.

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