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Uff turns out if they increase dosage that also means the bill goes up cuz more pills. The next pharmacy bill is around 60$ and is gunna eat into some of my electric bill money. If you can spare a few bucks I’d be grateful.$fillertrack

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Une instance peertube a me conseiller pour publier de la vidéo gaming en francais?

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🐦 Ornithologie Brésilienne, ou, Histoire des oiseaux du Brésil
Rio de Janeiro: Éditeur, Thomas Reeves,[1854-1856]

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The flowers are white
or creamy, becoming pink,
and without a scent

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Long shot, but one of my fiends / ex-colleague is in limbo regarding jobs, she is awesome at @rstats and anything related to , , image analysis and processing, and . If you hear about anything in and around / , or remote, please let me know.
(Boosts encouraged)

Just gave some money to because it's such a useful piece of software, and the pace of development is just incredible: a wealth of new features every few months. An example of a very successful project.

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i guess i should do an intro!

my name is deb

i'm a queer fat femme who turns 30 next month

i'm passionate about social justice and dismantling oppressive systems. i'm a social worker by profession but i'm looking for my place in more radical spaces. i love to read, write and listen to music; specifically spending hours making playlists and daydreaming about writing a book.

hoping to connect with likeminded folks!

Other Library workers around here wanting to complain about how bad / is for developers wanting to use an API? Maybe it has to do with me being new to using APIs, but the complexity of access, the information scattered on different pages, the erroneous and incomplete documentation and the malformed JSON data... arghhhhh 😩😩😩😩

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Hey #Fediverse / #FediverseMusic folks - anybody aware of something like Twitter lists for the fediverse? I'm not talking about the private "organize stuff you want to read" use case (Mastodon lists do that), but rather the public "curate and share a feed that aggregates similar folks" use case.

Specifically it'd be great to get some lists of Fediverse musicians as an entry point for those who want to follow overall or are new to the community. I'd be happy to curate such a list.

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All of the pre-recorded talks for #apconf2020 are available now at:

If you're registered for the live portions of the conference next weekend (October 2-5) hopefully you'll have some time to check the videos out in advance! If you're attending the conference asynchronously feel free to watch the videos and leave questions in the video comments on on here using the #apconf2020 so we can incorporate them into the Q&A sessions!

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Hey, #ActivityPub experts: what's your opinion of #Spritely so far? I'm just reading up on it and trying to wrap my head around its various parts, and wonder what other people's opinions on it are.
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Conçu pour documenter et créer des récits à partir d'activités pratiques, do•doc (prononcer doudoc) est un outil composite, libre et modulaire, qui permet de capturer des médias (photos, vidéos, sons et stop-motion), de les éditer, de les mettre en page et de les publier.
C’est libre et un professeur l’a même traduit en :oc: :) cc @Nico7as

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My all-time favourite tree (the tall one, to the right of the photo). I have photographed this tree more than any other.

Scots Pine - Giuthas-Albannach - Pinus sylvestris

#Highlands #Scotland #photo #photography

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advanced mastodon etiquette 

(not a subtoot; this is a thing I try to re-announce every so often as a mod)

if you're writing a long public thread to a slow local timeline, you can avoid filling it up with your own toots by making that first toot public, & the rest of them "unlisted."

if you indicate in the first toot that there's more (whether by context, or saying something like "long thread" or "1/?"), people who are interested can still click through to read the whole thing!

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Faut que j'vous parle d'un super projet, peu connu et qui a besoin de contribution

Open Flexure

Design, mouvement, mécanique, frugalité, compliance mecanism (, 3D print, origami, kirigami, les trucs non-Euclidien

Si un truc dans la trop courte liste si dessus est votre dada, jetez un œil à ce projet qui vise à concevoir tout un tas de petit bout de trucs pour faire de la science, pour soigner, diagnostic enviro

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i'm officially out of work for good due to my disabilities (primarily Lyme disease) and i'm waiting on my disability hearing. i'm on unemployment but it hasn't kicked in yet bc the state's really behind with COVID. if anybody could donate to my ko-fi i'd really appreciate it.

I don’t often edit videos, but I did edit one tonight and bloody oath: the latest is truly excellent. Smooth sailing from start to finish, with lots of nice surprises along the way (and of course the notable help of the command-line sidekick for the extra little jobs like rotating and downscaling). Can’t thank the developers enough.

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