Reddit thread about best free software and people listed Discord. Don't think the term "free software" is well understood... Discord is not free software, it's a free service.

On the upside, @krita is near the top of that thread.

Anyway I'm thinking needs to maybe have a little section explaining what free software means, because it's not simply "gratis"

Some people have chosen to use "libre software" to avoid the amiguity but, not sure why, but I don't like how that sounds.

@Gargron If you don't like libre "Open Source" requires no clarification (Sorry Mr. Stallman, I know it isn't the same). There's FLOSS too, but few outside the inner circle know what that means

@osoitz Thing is I'm more on Stallman's side in that. Open source is almost meaningless when it comes to "is it good for the user"


@Gargron @osoitz maaan I feel like I have changed my mind about those terms every single day for the last 8 years. Maybe we need to push for "Libre" so it becomes part of the English language. "Free" will _always_ be confusing as it can be taken as is, whereas people who see "Libre" for the first time will need to investigate rather than just going with the first definition thy can think of. Maybe now is a good time, given the visibility LibreOffice is giving it.

@stragu @osoitz @Gargron I think both libre and gratis are considered loan words in english already. I think it's a bit sick that people think of cost before freedom when hearing "free", so I don't mind using "free" in an effort to sort of take back the word.

@brad I agree, but that's to be expected in a society / economy that places money at the top of the pyramid of important things.

@stragu @Gargron @osoitz really good idea but it assumes the fsf will change their terminology and I dont think they have ever done that.

@mooshoe @Gargron @osoitz yeah, I very much doubt they ever would, because of Stallman's position on the matter, and because of their name. But I guess it's a good thing that the Free/Libre software ecosystem does not depend entirely on them! :) (BTW, I do financially support them)

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