: What's an awesome maker space Code of Conduct you know of? Please do share and boost.

I vaguely remember a space that used 3 central words to define how people should behave... Can someone point me to that too?

Go, Fedi.

@neil @stragu The domain is dead now :( I should have archived when I had the chance. DO you guys have a copy?

@danwchan @stragu I don't sorry - I remember that @mayel was involved, might be able to point you to someone with a copy

@neil @stragu @mayel if you could point me in a direction it would be great. The Community Bio community has done work on documents like this at Biosummit but I'd also like other examples especially if they resonated with fediverse folks. No need to spend too much time on this though, I have a couple examples on hand already.

@stragu at @acmelabs we adopted the anti-harassment policy[1] from the geek femisim wiki and translated it to German.


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