To Fediverse users who use screen readers: do you prefer people to integrate inside the text, or....
do you prefer when they repeat the word by listing all the hashtags at the end, after the text?
Please boost.

@stragu I only sometimes use a screenreader but I personally prefer them in the text. They sometimes sound more confusing if they're listed altogether at once.

@stragu I much prefer integration. Makes the post flow a little more.

@Leannefaith thank you Leanne for your reply! This seems to be the preference, from the few replies I’ve gotten so far.

@stragu no problem; and I seriously doubt there are many of us on Fedi. I should add though that that doesn’t apply when every other word is a hashtag, but I suspect that’s annoying whoever you are. :)

@Leannefaith about 5 people replied, which I’m pretty happy with! The thing with too many hashtags is the thing that everyone agrees on :)


Above/below the text. Integrating it inside breaks the reading.

@klomb thanks for your input, Fyodor! So far, I’ve had more people say they prefer to have them integrated in the text, but I definitely see how that could break the flow and make it confusing. Might also have to do with which screen reader is used ?


My father is using Microsoft Narrator. When it reads text with hashtag, it sounds like "[text] link hashtag [hashtag] [text]".

@klomb that makes sense! I didn’t even think of the fact that it would also mention that the hashtag links to something.

@stragu I don't know whether that matters, but if you use a multi-word hashtag, make sure you CapitalizeEachWord so screen readers know where to separate the words

@ben thanks Ben! I knew about this one but thought I’d check if there are further preferences :)

@stragu Either way is fine with me, juast make sure that if a hash tag consists of more than one word, to capitalize each word as screen readers will read the hash tags out strangely if you don't.

@kvinna thank you Eva for your reply! Yes, I knew about the preference with CamelCase, which I always try to stick to, and recommend to others :)


My two cents: I like to use #inline #hashtags since they take up less vertical screen space than a hashtag block. Additionally, inline tags are less likely to be overused/abused since they need to be contextual.

Interested in other opinions on this matter!

@stragu hashtags inline, even if that makes the grammar a bit awkward. i hate the instagram "influencer tag basement" style because they tend to jam in wildly tangential tags rather than actually relevant ones which then also fills those tags with cruft

@LazyTechsupport @stragu “tag basement” is an excellent description of this, thankyou :)

@stragu Did you notice you actually used different hashtags in your example? 😄

@stragu Hmm. I don't really care either way. I usually put my hashtags inside the text to save space, so of course I don't mind others doing the same. And while putting them at the end makes a toot a bit longer, it's hardly a major thing.
Just capitalize each word in multiple word hashtags, that's all. Where you put them is up to you.

@stragu @Mayana And if a multi-word hashtag is separated by an underscore instead, does it confuse the screen reader?

@setthemfree @stragu It doesn't, but just capitalizing each word is shorter.
Besides, can you use underscores in hashtags? And if you can, how many people would remember to, say, search not only for SecularHumanism, but also Secular_Humanism?

@Mayana @stragu That is an interesting question - which way of representing a multi-word hashtag should be considered the default or the norm? JoinMastodon's blog encourages to use CapWords, and it seems to prevail on proprietary social media.

I have bias though, maybe because of my exposure to python, to prefer lowercase identifiers with underscores (or dashes) as word separators. I guess I need to take this bias into account when marking my posts with hashtags.

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