Care to share with me your fave tutorial to set up a local server on so I can from my laptop?πŸ“»
Boosts appreciated πŸ”


sudo apt install icecast2

Conf file is in /etc/icecast2/icecast.xml

There you at least change admin and source passwords. There's a commented 'default' mountpoint. Uncomment, and you can stream to arbitrary mountpoint. Or you can setup specific one. Public-facing page with active mountpoints will be at http://localhost:8000

Unless your laptop is not behind a router or you're fwd'ing port 8000, your stream will not be accessible from the internet.

@stragu to stream to it i personally use darkice but its a non-gui program, rock-solid tho.

@luka super, thank you so much, Luka! πŸ™
I'll give it a go.
So you're saying it will be tricky to get people to connect direct through it using myipaddress:8000 ?

@stragu i think you just needbto forward the port on router to your machine

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