Great alternatives to Google Maps that use data:

- Qwant Maps: website, has directions. Highlights the fact that data is from , providing links to view and edit the data.
- F4map: website, 3D views of cities.
- MAPS.ME: mobile apps with a neat vector renderer. Minimalist. Works offline. More obviously profit-oriented.
- OsmAnd: mobile apps with lots of features. Offline too. (Too?) many customisations and options available.

@stragu about, there is a free software alternative called Maps (not the Google one, terrible name I know) available on f-droid that removes all uber and other profit-oriented stuff.

@Lapineige @stragu i agree, "Maps" is really great, is a fork of that erase all the trackers (and by the way, is really a nefastus app, it profit from Open street map data without even respect the atribution and is full of add trackers). The problem is that "Maps" is not getting more updates because its developer has abandon it because all the problems of
If you get download Maps probably wont work, and will get stuck in dowloading the data, here is a workaround for that:

@evadelavigilancia @Lapineige thanks for the info. I didn’t know it was riddled with trackers. What do you mean by “does not respect the attribution”? I just had a look and the attribution vanishes after a couple of seconds, which is a bit odd, but OSM is mentioned in several places in the app. And the fact that it offers a very user-friendly POI editor is a plus.

@stragu oh maybe i overreacted saying it doesnt respect the atribution, but it bothers me a lot that in the right inferior corner there is a big logo of and the atribution to osm is just a little and fast reference. Anyway, i just checked "Maps" with Classy Sharks and aparently the app in fact have a tracker yet from (alohalytics), still i think Maps is a really great fork and i hope its developers could continue working on it

@evadelavigilancia yes, I’d love it to be more maintained! I learned about it when I was writing this toot, seeing what else was around, but when I saw that the last commit was ~1 year old, I thought it might have been abandoned... I’ll have a close look at it, although I can’t test it right now (I only have access to iPhones).

@stragu Really love OsmAnd. I couldn't do my cycling trips without it any more, all the detail and great navigation 💚


I also use Magic Earth... It's one of the best pieces of navigation software I've ever seen (and used).

As far as I've read there are discussions ongoing to make Magic Earth open-source.

@stragu the f4map site was neat. I wonder where they get the 3D data from. It's pretty good, but has some interesting errors

Some buildings are 3D models they import, but most of the time, the info comes from osm (number of levels, roof shape and orientations, colors, …). If no info is available, they'll simply use a flat roof and draw the building with one level.


@stragu @policeinchains I’ve been using osmAnd more and more these days. The main thing that stops me from using it exclusively is that the search is pretty slow and can be kinda wonky.

@parvifolia I agree, the search could really be improved. I just tried and it doesn’t seem to do partial matches or fuzzy search.

@parvifolia heya, which mobile OS do you use?
Just wanted to update on this search issue. I added my two cents to a ticket on GitHub for the iOS version of OsmAnd, and I was told the next version will see improvements in that domain. So might be worth testing it again when it comes out! :) (although I'm not sure how much this is iOS-specific...)

@stragu I use ios. Thanks for submitting a ticket. That’s how things get fixed isn’t it. 😉 I’m more lazy sometimes. Good to see that they’re working on it.

As an example I’ve found that typing “2100 w 19th street” doesn’t give me the results I need but typing “2100 west 19th street” works how I want it to. At least on mobile, small conveniences like that are important.

@parvifolia I agree. This might not be fixed in the upcoming release, as I think the fuzzy search is not prioritised, but it might be worth reporting it as an issue with common abbreviations, something that shouldn’t be too much effort to fix?
Who knows. Some very odd behaviours currently, testing it gives me very inconsistent results to be honest.

@stragu @policeinchains While I’m thinking about OSMAnd Maps... One feature that I really love is the “radius ruler” under the “configure screen” settings. It’s great for figuring rough distances quickly.

@stragu Take note that F4map and MapsMe still load Google services and scripts. I don't know about OsmAnd though,

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