“Critics of the big tech companies are often told, “If you don’t like the company, don’t use its products.” My takeaway from the experiment was that it’s not possible to do that. It’s not just the products and services branded with the big tech giant’s name. It’s that these companies control a thicket of more obscure products and services that are hard to untangle from tools we rely on for everything we do, from work to getting from point A to point B.”

@stragu Do not agree with the article. It’s more a promotion for Gafam than a real attempt to do differently. Of course it is impossible to live without gafam, if your whole lifestyle is build around it. It’s like trying to be vegan and starve because you keep wanting meat.

@hansup my takeway point from the article was “they are monopolies / oligopolies, so they should be broken up and punished for it”, which I agree with.
I can’t really see how the article is promoting the Gafams in any way? I think it’s good to make people realise how pervasive these companies are. Her work showed that, and the article communicates it to non-specialists nicely.
I started trying to get away from them in 2009. Still can’t say I’m 50% of the way there.

@stragu It feels like promotion especially for non-specialist. The tone is too much: ‘I am a specialist, I was helped by an even bigger specialist. Our conclusion is that living without gafam is impossible and horrible.’ It doesn’t give much courage or hope.
A problem is that we all think that all the digital gadgets are a necessity to life. They only should have a very limited function, but currently we are destroying are minds & body by too much addictive screen time.

@stragu Personally I try also to minimize. It is difficult and I am not a specialist.
Maybe I should have done like my brother. He never had a mobile phone. He says he does’t need it. He has a good job, a house and two happy kids. He is a developer since 1983.
Everybody giggled and made a fool of him because he kept refusing dancing in the glitter of countless mobile hypes.
Now we are all addicted, while he just continues his life without the disturbing digital noise.

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