Submitted (and got merged) my first "patch" to @libreoffice

The fix itself is quite minor: rewording a few sentences and fixing typos. But I am pretty because of how much work it is to get setup with a dev environment, and to understand the submission process of such a massive project. Phew!

Fingers crossed it's not my first _and last_ commit to the project 😄

@stragu yay and I was just using LibreOffice today for work too! Thanks for your contribution :heart_cyber:

@stragu Congratulations, nice work! If you'd like some LibreOffice stickers as thanks, send me a PM 😉

@stragu Thank you! If might be minor but it’s very valuable! We do need people like you with proofreading skills for all of our translatable strings.

@fito thank you for your reviewing work and your patience! 🤗🙏🏼

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