: time to stop my membership as well.

Two questions:

- Has anyone used the FSF email alias extensively, and then stopped their membership? Does it still work for a while, so you can switch your email address everywhere?
- Where should my donation go? I'm thinking , as the chair and vice-chair are both women.

Any recommendation for organisations is welcome. Boosts OK!

@stragu I can confirm that my email alias still works. My associate membership lapsed about a month ago.

@klaatu @stragu IIRC, they give you about a month's grace period to renew before shutting it down. I cannot confirm this though.

hi @stragu, I'd suggest the feminist infrastructures

These precarious feminist collectives ran their services on volunteer basis and they look for support to cover their costs, time and energy. And some of us dream of becoming a cooperative to sustain our praxis.

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