In (), NVivo is the leading (proprietary) tool. Open Source alternatives are far behind in features, and I feel it is one category of tools that is really lacking in the toolbox.

Currently, I would highlight four tools:



- , an package which was unfortunately kicked out of CRAN a while ago, so hard to install. Seems to depend on one person.
- , lovely browser-based tool, actively developed.
- , promising Python-based tool, actively developed but installation barrier too high for now.
- , browser-based as well, with more features than others, but I found the interface hard to grasp. Has institutional backing.

Do you know of other notable Open Source QDA tools?


There's a few issues here, depending on the tool:

- Difficulty to install
- Accessibility and user experience
- Lack of features when compared to proprietary product
- How sustainable the project is (i.e. low number of contributors, no institutional backing or supporting structure)

However, the work is of course very much appreciated, and all these tools need to be promoted, financed, documented, contributed to... so we can have convincing alternatives to current proprietary QDA tools. 💚


@gerald_leppert thanks, I didn't know about qcoder! Great news that there is another R project trying to tackle this, with ROpenSci adding sustainability to it. Thanks for sharing!
Do you use QDA software on a regular basis?

I frequently use #MaxQDA (and previously #NVivo) at work. In smaller projects, I used #f4analyse and #RQDA. Besides RQDA, I just tested some other #opensource #QDA-software:

These cross-platform (incl. #Linux) #FLOSS packages seemed to be generally suitable for my purpose (social science research): #QualCoder, #Taguette, #CATMA, #Cassandre. RQDA is outdated (some new git commits).

Proprietary cross-platform packages that seemed to be generally suitable: f4analyze, #Quirkos, #Dedoose.

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