Question for folks who use screen-readers:

On a website or document, how would you prefer people to format a logical progression, for example in a software menu?

I often use the "greater than" symbol, like so: File > New > Text Document.

I've used in the past the arrow mad of two characters "->", but I suspect that might be appalling for screen-readers...

Which one(s) of these options do you prefer? Or something else as a reply if you want.

Boosts appreciated.

@stragu android's built in screen reader reads '->' as 'to', but not sure how other ones read it

'→' is read as 'right pointing arrow' which i guess gets the point across too

@stragu In my "Rhapsode" auditory web browser I don't verbally read out ">" or "->" aloud by default as anything other than a pause. So I'd advise against those options, but my implementation might be weird.

@stragu I want to see the results. Personally I prefer the right arrow, encoded as utf8, but in some systems (confluence) these look weird so I use > instead. I don't use screen readers, so I won't vote.

@stragu Could the use of comas as separator be a comprehensive option?

File, New, Text Document.

@stragu I've always used |
e.g. File | New | Text Document
...maybe I should change to the winner of this survey.

@stragu ping me when this poll is over, i'd love to see the results!

@stragu I wonder. Is there a good blog on accessibility practices? I think it would be popular.

@stragu I'm surprised so many screen reader users voted for the right arrow symbol considering that not all screen readers or TTS extensions can parse that by default, and some can't even be customized to do so.

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