Got a 10 year old MacBook Air from friends who were going to chuck it out “because it can’t even play a video”. I thought I’d put a Linux distro on it just to see what happens.
I get myself ready for what I expect to be hours of troubleshooting on various forums... but I put the Ubuntu 20.04 USB stick in, boot to USB, install, reboot, done.
Works perfectly. Nothing to fix. Very smooth for a 10 year old lappy with 2GB of RAM.

Definitely plays videos.

So many devices go to the bin for no reason.

@stragu that's awesome. Totally would have expected hours of troubleshooting xD.

@stragu if it is possible to upgrade RAM, then it can be a decent machine even.

@stragu Might have to try this instead of selling my old MBP... is there a list of compatible laptops at all?

@scribe Ubuntu have a list of certified hardware, but that’s only the stuff they certify as new, with collaboration with manufacturers, as I understand it. So, definitely a list of devices that will work very well with Ubuntu, but not a complete list of “devices that will require little to no tweaking”.
I’d love to see a list of devices graded by ease of installation... a bit like that Linux printer website.

@stragu Thanks - I'll put it in my projects queue and see what happens :)

@stragu I dual booted my mbp with Linux because I read that its firmware can only get upgrades via MacOS. Just a thing to be aware of.

@amcooper wondering if Apple still release firmware updates for 10 year old devices?

@stragu I got old mac hardware similarly, and it indeed works great with gnu/linux distros.

@stragu They go to the bin because “modern” software/websites are too stinking slow.

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