It’s a nice feeling to notice how you’ve changed over the years, how you’re not stuck in one frame of mind, one ideology, one passion...
There’s a few things I’ve noticed in myself, but a big one that I’m excited about furthering is the progressive switch from individual freedom and action towards more communal freedoms and actions.
It applies to many aspects of our lives, but it’s a notably interesting distinction in the space: people can be proponents of it for very conflicting reasons.

This applies to alternative social media too: I find the structure of federated networks more and more appealing because of that. Having the option to organise into diverse communities of diverse sizes, and share responsibilities in how they are organised.
I would love to see federated software further facilitate that aspect of shared responsibility, somehow.

@stragu This is a really good aspect of federation in my opinion as well.
It also allows instances to moderate as they see fit and have to worry about enabling people that would be idealogically opposed to the instance.
Think how Fosstodon focuses on open source technology and moderates for a community based on that.

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