In your opinion, which Linux distro strikes the best balance _and_ high levels in all four:
- easy for first-time Linux users
- accessibility features are functional and not an after thought
- inviting to contribute and be a part of the open source community
- allows for tinkering by exposing things, but doesn’t make things difficult or unnecessarily complicated
Boosts appreciated.

@stragu I would say that it's a toss up between 3 of Ubuntu, Mint and Zorin OS. I would recommend starting with Zorin because it's the closest to Windows/Mac looking and then graduate up to Mint then Ubuntu.

@matt @stragu @elementary it is lovely to use as well. IMHO it's one of the frustrating reasons why people don't use Linux because there's choice overload

@saera I’m not sure about that. It could be a factor but the biggest is that most people don’t want to reinstall an operating system.

The process of downloading the OS, creating a boot disk and running it on restart requires a level of technical knowledge most people aren’t comfortable with.

The best way to get people using #Linux is for people like @elementary to convince manufacturers to install it as default.

@stragu Hmmm, I won't recommend my preference per your final point...

@stragu A custom preconfigured debian.

Or any other system in fact, but debian is stable enought so it's not too much of a pain to make configuration that'll stay valid for ~5th years at each release at least.

But none of the things you mentioned helps with the things asked for - it puts a big wall infront of them rather

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