Righto, here’s my fedi-tips:

- it’s slower here, less addictive than corp social media. This is a good thing, try and enjoy it.
- you see what you follow. No ads, no obscure reshuffling, no manipulating your emotions. Enjoy that too.
- please consider using CWs. Could it hurt, shock, upset, harm?
- please describe your pictures if you can
- give benefit of the doubt: text easily misleads
- shared something negative? Maybe follow with positive action.
- fash, queerphobes, bigots: fuck off 💚

@stragu I think CWs are best for anything you wouldn’t say at work as a rule of thumb.


@antglythistimeforrl that’s a good start, but I do post non-CW’d things here I wouldn’t say at work (e.g. some cursing) and also, I do CW stuff that I publicly broadcast more because I can’t be sure of who it will reach (e.g. food. Colleagues don’t mind my food but people here can have eating disorders.)

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