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stragu @stragu

plans to implant a "Google campus" in , .

A group of spot-on people say "fuck off, Google."

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@stragu Students at Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, CA, USA have gmail accounts inflicted on them :(

@orangecounty that's pretty unethical, unless there's some kind of guarantee that none of the personal data is collected and used by Google, in the contract between the institution and the company?

@stragu No such guarantee. There is a student "privacy" policy making grandiose claims with very little specificity but be careful how you implement self protection on campus. Other California campuses mistreat students with google "free" services.

Additionally while a trivial change to a student profile could partially solve: allowing the student to provide a non-free-webmail email address for student communication. The administration repeatedly claims "this is not possible".

@stragu I drop every class that 'requires' me to injure myself by using a "free" google service. I have not- and will not use any google service here or elsewhere.

My privacy is paramount. I am not chattel.

@orangecounty good on you for taking a stand!