Eh les ami•es durables et frileuseux, voilà mes pantoufles dans un bien piètre état, au milieu de l’hiver, seulement 3 mois après les avoir achetées.

Mon conseil est de ne jamais rien acheter dans le magasin de bric-à-brac jetable qu’est : que cette chaîne immonde crève dans l’enfer particulier des capitalistes destructeurs de planète.

Ma est la suivante : quelle est votre recommandation de comfortable et chaude et qui survivra plusieurs années sans sourciller ?

I guess Aldi is getting into the sex toy market without getting into the sex toy market

On dirait qu’un•e petit•e rigolot•e a changé le nom d’un des enfants de Musk sur .

Quand je l’ai vu sur Wikipédia, je me suis demandé si c’était pas son vrai nom. Plus rien ne m’étonnerai, venant de cet énergumène et en voyant les nom des autres enfants…

fediblock: racism and queerphobia 

poster {dot} place

advertised as "mostly" freeze peach lol, admin boosts queerphobic and nazi accounts, called me the N word.


Now, I need to add to this: that same account saw my posts after awful accounts harassed me, and they thought it would be very funny to share our domain as a fediblock, accusing us of all sorts of things (see screenshot).

Please, two things:
- If you know what we stand for, please share this info *in your own post* so others who might have blocked us can revert that.
- And remember to do a quick check before following a fediblock recommendation!


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intkos {dot} link

Main user of "fedi" subdomain ("kino") boosts stuff from beefyboys, poast, freespeechextremist, etc. including ones with nazi usernames.
Also, grooming jokes.

fediblock, paedo (text) 

ghetti {dot} monster

Admin ("Sp") reshares paedo "jokes".

Turns out it’s all text from Sam Freeman’s 2002 biography of Stallman, “Free as in Freedom”. The text is used as a placeholder text all over the internet.

I guess the flower wrapper violates the GFDL in a few different ways 😄

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fediblock: racism, queerphobia, ableism 

rdrama {dot} cc

Racist, ableist, queerphobic, antisemitic language on several accounts. No advertised admin, barely any server rules.

fediblock, loli 

mahodou {dot} moe

Admin (psyopsu) posts loli (probably more, wasn't game to look behind the CWs). Spams with dozens of mentions. No server rules.

Don't want to screenshot / share loli, go to frens {dot} the above domain if you want to check.

fediblock, nazis, queerphobia, racism, really awful 

076 {dot} ne {dot} jp

admin boosts nazi stuff and publicly said they wouldn't moderate an account that has queerphobic, murder apology and racism in name and bio...

fediblock, queerphobia, ableism, antisemitism 

husk {dot} site

admin ("moth") spams with megalist of mentions; some antisemitic stuff going on; ableist and queerphobic language.

I’m French and one of my fave things is bad English in France. Like this, on one of those punchbags that are common at village funfairs.

Needless to say, I did not win sexy gift.

Daughter asked me to draw a panda and I tried without looking one up and turns out my mental model of a panda is not great. Where are those black patches supposed to go??

Covid, me and my fam 

We managed to avoid it for the last 2.5 years, finally caught it after our move to France. Anecdotally, a couple of weeks after I started relaxing about masking up outside (I used to be the single masked person in the middle of 100 unmasked people).
Triple-jabbed so hopefully it doesn’t last too long, but missing an in-person job interview tomorrow, and feeling pretty crap (sore all over, headache, runny nose, cough). Fingers crossed kids are fine.

Best sticker I’ve seen in Berlin.
Art by Grga Grešnik I assume.

Ne jetez surtout pas cette tasse par terre ! Jetez-la dans la mer. 🥰🐢

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