Hey mindhive, what's currently the project that best fits this description:

"A collaborative, curated, decentralised repository of streamable and downloadable, openly licensed music and film, for an alternative to proprietary, -promoting streaming services."

And how can such a service reliably serve those digital artefacts to millions, with as little disruption as et al.?

Obviously, it needs to not become a weird alt-right cesspool like et al.

, and more generally our , have no marketing budget. Our advocacy is what they rely on in great part to make sure people even know they exist, or don’t forget they still do, so they can be(come) a part of them.
“Too good to be true” is a very common concept, and it hurts amazing projects that successfully live outside a hard logic of monetary profit, exploitation and dependence.
Keep mentioning and discussing your favourite, iconic or most promising elements that make our Commons.

Publishers Are Taking the Internet to Court
– by Maria Bustillos, for The Nation


Penguin Random House, Hachette and HarperCollins joined forces to file a lawsuit against the .
In doing so, they are attacking our , weakening , and threatening to destroy a monument of our digital history's archival.

Here's an interesting thing that makes me happy: looking at statistics, I noticed that user contributions on all projects (minus Commons, it seems, for some reason) have plateaued between 2007 and ~2014, but have grown very significantly again since 2014, with the latest month on record the highest ever record: more than 28 million edits in March 2019! See the cool stats website here: stats.wikimedia.org/v2/#/all-p| 📊
Go commoners! ✊ 🌈

Your roughly tri-monthly reminder that there is a room called "Share the ", in which people (i.e. mostly me) share quality digital artefacts that can be freely circulated.


Hey, PSA and reminder: I created a room that is dedicated to sharing the (mainly sharing digital cultural works currently) and anyone can join and participate : matrix.to/#/!PbNlnxVMSOLgIeSsZ
Let's show everyone that there is plenty of high quality stuff released into the Commons! 🌈 🤘

Favourite musician? Extra points if they release straight into the . Boost appreciated.

Is there absolutely no way to filter a search by licence type? Or am I taking crazy pills?

Hey enthusiasts, I created a / room to share anything that is legally shareable and is worth sharing, if you are interested at all: riot.im/app/#/room/#share-the-
Right now, it's mostly me sharing that I think is good, but I'd love to see more people join :)
Let's show people there is a world of beautiful artefacts beyond the All Rights Reserved.

If you are interested in or use them, you might be interested in reading this argument that the (non-commercial) parameter is a bad idea in many cases: freedomdefined.org/Licenses/NC

I've been working my way through the 2017 releases for my radio show, and I'm now listening to the mix I put together one year ago for Netlabel Day 2016, and it's not toooo bad, I mean the tracks are great of course but also I did not completely ridiculed myself as an amateur DJ I don't reckon: mixcloud.com/GNTL/studio-dessa

You might like if you're a tiny bit open-minded music-wise :)

@Monplaisir released an album that is also a proud outing.


They release tons of music for the on their if you want to have a browse.

Congratulations and <3 !

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