Cities Aren't Loud: Cars Are Loud

Fabulous (and funny) video about .

Cars need to be the fifth-class citizens of our mobility landscape, and urban planning should prioritise _not_ making space for them.

Also: Uber and their plan to constantly fly helicopters above our heads can fuck right off to hell. 👊

Space 4 Cycling's latest weekly digest on a map:

I started doing this every week on uMap as I want to be able to place this useful information spatially.

Hopefully it's useful to others in the area!

to zoom a pushbike through dense urban areas to.

(Warning: might make you extra spicy towards disrespectful drivers. Which tells you it’s the right kind of music.)

news for / : Cultural Centre boardwalk reopened, Go Between Bridge (most likely?) reopened, and the brand new Indro Riverwalk is open as well! 🎉

With the recent addition of the Elizabeth st bike path, and the closing of Victoria bridge to cars, there's new opportunities to ride around the city.

Check out what cycling-friendly routes you can explore around you. My favourite map for that is this rendering of data:

Bigger family ride than usual yesterday, riding along Ithaca and Yowoggera/Enoggera creeks. Lovely bits like this one that made it look like we were entering some fairy kingdoms to the kids. Overcast weather, just enough to bring the temperature down to a lovely riding level without getting us wet. 💚

Seriously considering starting to wear metal jewellery on my hands so I "accidentally fall on and scrape" cars that drive dangerously close to me. 🤔

First time we’ve had a flat because of the spoke poking through a fair bit! Tape wearing off or slipping to the side is common, but this? 🤔

Finally bought replacements for the Vaude panniers we used for about 8 years (they disintegrated from intense use and Queensland sun). Very happy so far with this Ortlieb equivalent, very similar in many ways, with a capacity of just under 1 SPS (Small Purple Stool).
What a well-deserved, useful treat.

Night ride for sleepy kids. They didn't need much time to pass out. Lucky to have Maiwar, the river, so close to us, with bike paths along it. It's the middle of steamy Meanjin summer, but the strong breeze made it so lovely tonight.

Trying to honour @pla 's positive toots. Ride on ☮️!

Why are so many people unwilling to share the road with ? - The Listener

"When the information was matched against hospital admissions and death records, the researchers found that cycle commuting was associated with lower rates of cardiovascular disease, cancer and “all-cause mortality”."

city council, we're gathered today to _once again_ ask you to make our streets safer for , an more specifically for a bike grid in the city. Come on, no more silly excuses.

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