Power Shift, 23rd-25th September 2022, /

"a 3-day, high-energy, youth climate summit bringing together hundreds of young people to build relationships and learn vital skills to take action for climate justice."


If you're in /Brisbane, or not too far, there's a great, super-cheap conference on research + digital skills at UQ at the end of November: ResBaz QLD 2021. Probably my favourite, relaxed, small conference.
Lots of great talks and workshops, especially related to early-career researchers, , tools, , ... 💗

I've been more or less involved in them over the years. I really recommend joining.


Space 4 Cycling's latest weekly digest on a map:


I started doing this every week on uMap as I want to be able to place this useful information spatially.

Hopefully it's useful to others in the area!

news for / : Cultural Centre boardwalk reopened, Go Between Bridge (most likely?) reopened, and the brand new Indro Riverwalk is open as well! 🎉


With the recent addition of the Elizabeth st bike path, and the closing of Victoria bridge to cars, there's new opportunities to ride around the city.

Check out what cycling-friendly routes you can explore around you. My favourite map for that is this rendering of data:


Long shot, but one of my fiends / ex-colleague is in limbo regarding jobs, she is awesome at @rstats and anything related to , , image analysis and processing, and . If you hear about anything in and around / , or remote, please let me know.
(Boosts encouraged)

Our local councillor (Greens, first one elected in ) gets served a Supreme Court Order by the police at 1 am so he can’t attend a protest later that day.
The protest is for 120 refugees being unjustly detained in an inner /Brisbane hotel. It was postponed because of fear of the police response.


from :

What I assumed was a Walking-stick palm, but turns out to be a Cordyline sp. (fruticosa??), flowers for the first time, after coping with the tiniest of pots for years.
Also, the Birds of paradise and the Passion fruit are being very showy.

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