Please keep boosting those posts so our new neighbours get some visibility. So happy to see so many new faces who are into / , , , , , , , … but also many wonderful artists from !

I wouldn’t hear about any of them without your help.

So many awesome new follows to interact with 💚
Particularly excited about the scholarly + community + of course our lovely fwends.

Hey I recently prepared and presented this tutorial on acquiring data and preparing it for spatial network analysis in . Hopefully it's useful to some! Feedback welcome 🙂

Just learned about the great work is doing to support infrastructure like Sherpa Romeo, Redalyc/AmeliCA, DOAJ, arXiv, DSpace, DOAB/OAPEN, Public Knowledge Project and Open Citations...

Hi Australian research community! Does anyone know of examples of universities and libraries that financially support projects, or that are paying members of organisations that support and fund the open source ecosystem?
Boosts appreciated.

3.24 has just been released. Here is the changelog:

Many new features in symbology, processing, 3D, data management, history handling and more.

See how you can get involved here:
Or just donate to this amazing project:

This also marks the switch of long term support from QGIS 3.16 to 3.22. If stability is crucial, stick to 3.16 or 3.22 for the time being.

I just signed DORA. If you think the creation, sharing and use of in could be greatly improved, you can sign too:

A lot of the points resonate with what I believe can help make better, but it also introduced me to new principles that make absolute sense, e.g.:

"[...] remove all reuse limitations on reference lists in research articles and make them available under the Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication"

Brian Nosek on "The Last 10 Years" or . (November 2021)

Great to look back and appreciate the activity around metascience and , worldwide. From theorising about making science better to actually checking if the ideas work... I really recommend this talk to anyone active or interested in science.

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