It’s wonderful to have friends join the fedi. May I recommend you follow my friend and ex-colleague @seaCatKim, if you’re into and and and and all things good about life but also just because she’s an excellent human.

Welcome here Catherine! 🤗❤️

My + package was renamed to osmxml so it is less about getting data and more about dealing with the XML format. I'm hoping to add features to it in the next few months, but testing and suggestions are welcome!

's new version 1.0-8 has some cool new features, like a method for tidyr::pivot_wider() and autodetect of GPX files with st_read():

New website!
Now I need to add things I forgot to mention, write some posts, and fix up a few more details. Work in progress!
(built with , the Apéro theme, and other friends)

I wasted so much time on trying to figure out using the for a Shiny app because of poor documentation in both and the API.
I mean, I did learn stuff in the process, and I knew close to nothing before starting, and I was over the moon once I got an access token back, but no one needs to spend so much time just trying things are random until it works.
Documentation is so important! Document everything!!
Looking forward to testing , it should really improve things.

osmexport is my first go at a proper package.

This small package is useful for importing, and visualising XML data using . I’m likely to expand it and rename it “osmxml”.

This morning I was teaching online about data visualisation with and started with sharing the link to the training materials, as I always do. One of the student tells me “it’s not the right link”.
I shared this: hi! Pretty keen on + spatial data too so giving you a follow 🙂

Hell is a place where you are forced to constantly convert tables from wide to long format and vice versa, with only reshape() available.

@rstats is TRUE for both NA and NaN but is.nan() is only TRUE for NaN.

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@rstats sink("a_text_file.txt") will redirect all outputs to that file until sink() is run again

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I'm finally reading the official intro to R, after using it for 10 years and teaching about it for 4, so this might become a thread of "interesting things I learned".

Hey I recently prepared and presented this tutorial on acquiring data and preparing it for spatial network analysis in . Hopefully it's useful to some! Feedback welcome 🙂

After the massive weather event around here, I had a look at the last 23 years of daily rainfall data for the Brisbane weather station. Looks like the rainfall for yesterday and the day before were the two records for the whole of the period.
Code here:

Just learned about two packages that can help with :

- potools: easy internationalisation of R packages (
- preferably: accessible template for pkgdown (preferably.amirmasoudabdol.nam)


Excited about being launched soon(-ish, next year), integrating and building upon a lot of tools to empower ecologists. I've been lucky enough to help out at a couple of training sessions offered in the lead up to the launch.

Thanks Elisa Bayraktarov for presenting it! @rstats

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