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EU Ecodesign: 38 organisations demand the right to access and to reuse hardware

You can ask @fsfe to add your organisation’s name to the signatories

I've had a look around, but a lot of orgs seem to put too much focus on telling people they should do their bit as individuals to reduce waste or cleanup the mess. Like Cleanup Australia.
Does anyone know of orgs that do good campaigning so wasteful practices by businesses are made more difficult?
I found these people but seems like it focuses a lot on criticising incineration rather than reducing at the source:

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Cities Aren't Loud: Cars Are Loud

Fabulous (and funny) video about .

Cars need to be the fifth-class citizens of our mobility landscape, and urban planning should prioritise _not_ making space for them.

Also: Uber and their plan to constantly fly helicopters above our heads can fuck right off to hell. 👊

Motor City Of Birmingham To Throttle Short Car Journeys

"The transport plan of 2020 was influenced by ’s zone-centred traffic circulation plan of 2017. This medieval Belgian city demonstrated that it was possible to switch attitudes overnight. Streets were blocked to motorists one Sunday evening and—to the disappointment of the waiting media—there was no gridlock."

“Branch is an online magazine written by and for people who dream of a sustainable and just .

We believe that the internet must serve our collective liberation and ecological . We want the internet to dismantle the power structures that delay action and for the internet itself to become a sustainable and positive force for climate justice.”

First issue of is out:

« The zero-carbon commonwealth of the future must empower people to decide not just how technologies are built and implemented, but whether they’re built and implemented. is an abstraction that has done a lot of damage over the centuries. urges us to consider: progress towards what and progress for whom? Sometimes a shouldn’t exist. Sometimes the best thing to do with a machine is to break it. »

Looking into resurrecting my 4S (that already was a hand-me-down) by replacing the screen, and I am keen but man I am never buying an Apple product: they make it so difficult to repair. provides great guides, and also sell the parts, but gee when you see that the display assembly replacement takes 43 steps (and 43 more to put it back together), I can see how many people will default to "oh well I'll just get a new one". You never completely own an product.

Any -ns around the Fedi? Here is a cool project in the area you might be interested in investing in: has been selling local seasonal mostly food for years, and now they have an opportunity to buy the warehouse they have been renting in order to open a "citizen supermarket" to further change the food distribution system and build more links between people and ->
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This sounds like a good idea:

_Times Higher Eduction developing [University] ranking based on [UN'S] Sustainable Development Goals_
– by Ellie Bothwell, for Times Higher Eduction

Ban the bag – what you need to know | Giving
For people in , ... and anyone interested in small steps towards less .

{en} Does anyone around here use ? I'd love to start being part of the community. I only want to get involved in libre that try and do something positive. Boost would be cool!

{fr} Est-ce qu'il y a des utilisateurices de Ğ1 par ici ? J'adorerai faire partie du réseau d'une libre qui essaie de faire des choses positives. Boost apprécié !


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