#TuToManif 💥 Se protéger des armes de police : quelques bases de survie
par @Desarmonsles

👉 desarmons.net/2023/03/21/se-pr

Le guide est hyyyyyyper bien fait, je crois ne pas en avoir vu de plus précis et complet 🙌🙌🙌
#ViolencesPolicières #AutoDéfensePopulaire #DésarmonsLes

Looking for a role in tech leadership? We’re hiring for the of Head of Library Technology Services at Washington University Libraries, please circulate and DM me if you have questions: wustl.wd1.myworkdayjobs.com/en #jobsearch #libraries #technology

UK government lets airlines off the hook for £300m air pollution bill
The government wrote off emissions equivalent to 400,000 passengers flying from London to Sydney and back in one year.

The UK’s Emissions Trading Scheme is meant to reduce carbon emissions by forcing big polluters to buy a permit for each tonne of carbon they emit, with the money going into the public purse. But it doesn't...

@mikael a business that never paid enough money to artists and still never made a profit. Perfect example of late stage capitalism. Things that are good for nothing but just exist because of… convenience? Because a couple of rich people think it should continue to exist? 🤷🏻‍♂️


Est-ce qu'il y aurait des juristes ou des historiens dans la salle pour m'expliquer pourquoi le 49.3 a-t-il été placé dans la constitution ?

Quel problème adresse-t-il (i.e. essaie-t-il de résoudre ou éviter) ?

@aeva because language is language, I never made the connection between the computer name and the Spanish word until now, even though I’m hispanohablante…. 😅

@QasimRashid i bet they also spent all their money on inclusive toilets. Clueless lefties.

By now lots of ppl here have heard of #StopCopCity but probably not "camp grayling"

It's a u.s. military training facility, focused on both domestic & global counterinsurgency—troops go there to practice repressing Black uprisings like those of the last decade + the 1960s, but they also train soldiers from all over the planet.

Anyway the military wants to destroy some forest to double its size, locals are against it but the u.s. is what it is so they're trying to push it forward anyway. But just like cops they suck & can be defeated if we try

#StopCampGrayling, smash the empire.

wow! really excited to see meta embrace the fediverse! looking forward to seeing how they extend it next, and then presumably some third good thing

Another mutual aid post, goal $300 unemployed, disabled, trans, neurodivergent 

I hate that I have to keep posting these things like every 2-3 weeks because I cannot find work that accommodates my disabilities.

Trust me I’m more tired of doing this than y’all are, I feel shame, I feel greedy, I feel selfish and I know I shouldn’t because I’m the victim of a capitalist hellscape.


Cashapp and Venmo are xenocat

And as usual I’m taking commissions through my Kofi

#mutualaid #begpost #crowdfund #crowdfunding #disabled #neurodivergent

TTRPGs for Trans Rights in Florida is NOW LIVE on itch.io!

For as low as $5, get over 500 games from over 250 creators!
All proceeds benefit Transinclusive Group and Zebra Coalition Youth Council

The bundle is live March 13-April 7th- let's smash some goals for trans rights!

#ttrpg #trans #transgender #lgbtqia


@tillianisafox you live in a racist and misogynistic society and you are 100% part of it even if you don’t think you are, so start listening and reading about it now.

@hammoncr yes, I tooted about that a few days ago, I had to scroll through 16 commercial websites before getting to something informative (a scientific article… that was paywalled).

@Shyle joyeux anniversaire, Shyle. Merci pour tes créations si sincères ❤️❤️❤️

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