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"assholes were literally the primary target market when automakers wanted to make SUVs mainstream"

It is late but not yet too late: we are sending out our last starter kits this year with #OpenSourceSeeds

In every starter kit are multiple seeds each of well-known Chili #BlackHeart and Tomatoes #Vivaroma, #Sunviva - as well as brand new varieties #Märchenglanz, #Märchengranat and #Märchensnack. Be among the first to grow them.

Read how to participate and join us!


LibreOffice 7.4.6 is now available – it's the penultimate release in the 7.4 series, before we focus on LibreOffice 7.5 and beyond:

I don’t know if it’s just an impression but lately I’ve seen lots of news about large rounds of layoffs in the large for-profit tech businesses while various open source projects are opening new positions. I hope it’s a trend. Keep it going.

Happy international women's day to women + cis women.

the catgirl who published the no fly list for the US also just released a torrent of emails from hate groups proving that they have been manufacturing anti queer outrage in the public :)

please don't read if you are not in a place to deal with disgusting hate speech.

I’m coming to love #Mastodon’s boost culture. Everybody’s all like, “Follow everyone! Boost it all!”

In the Blue Place, it felt like we were all competing for attention. Here, it’s more like we’re cooperating for attention.

At one level, that doesn’t make sense—everyone still has only so much attention to spend. But it *feels* better, and without The Algorithm enforcing power law, winner-take-all dynamics, the boost culture does seem to lift a lot of voices that were drowned out over there.

Death; weird 

Had a dream where I died and they read my will and it just said:
it's been fuckin real.
All my stuff goes to the communists

Hello, Mastodon! World's largest org. serving professional/scientific needs of #entomologists and people in related disciplines here. We're expanding our social media presence and excited to connect with the entomology community on Mastodon. Follow along for news and updates from the world of #entomology, links to new blog posts and resources from ESA, and info about ESA events, programs, and engagement opportunities. #insects #arthropods #science Learn more about ESA at

Want to start (or keep!) building for the fediverse? ☺️

The Glitch Community has been hard at work building tools, bots, instances, and more for you to remix and try yourself.

Check out the The Glitch Community’s Guide to Building the Fediverse 🌐

The lawsuit we're fighting isn’t just about the Internet Archive. It will determine the future of all libraries & their patrons, including those with print disabilities. #Accesstoknowledge for diverse communities will be impacted 🌍

Over the next 20 days until we go to court, we’ll be giving you 20 reasons to care about this lawsuit. We can’t wait to introduce you to the teachers, doctors, journalists & many more who rely on our lending library #EmpoweringLibraries

LibreOffice's QA community helps to identify and fix bugs in the suite. Here's what they did in February – give them a hand, and let's keep the software super-polished 😊

One of the first colour photography processes (early 1900s), Autochrome, produced muted, desaturated colours which are a delight to these 2023 eyes. Feast yours here on a whole album of them.
“If an Autochrome was well made and has been well preserved, color values can be very good. The dyed starch grains are somewhat coarse, giving a hazy, pointillist effect, with faint stray colors often visible, especially in open light areas such as skies.”
#Photography #History

We still need another $140 to afford groceries this month - SNAP's emergency allotments have been cut with no safety net, and this primarily affects the elderly and disabled.

Thank you so much to everyone who has given, please continue to boost, or give if you're able.

#TransCrowdFund #MutualAid


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There's no incident triggering this post. Nobody's just now gone on watch or said something this week, but we feel it's worth stating some principles clearly from The Blower admins.

The folks running this place are a very lefty and predominantly queer group. We're always going to prioritise the comfort and safety of the marginalised over the mainstream.

We've got no time for racists, fascists or TERFs here. If you think terms like "political correctness" and "woke" are negative concepts or insults, we're not going to be on your side in any disagreement.

So if you're reading this now and feeling uncomfortable and insecure about being kicked out, you can always move to another server but it'd be awesome if you instead just took a moment to reflect, think about why, if it's really who you are, and maybe remain with us.

We're running this place because we like people, we like community, and we want ours to grow. We want you in it, being your best self, growing with us.

Let's do that.

Hey, my moops, awesome SFF writer @SoniaSulaiman is in a bind. Sonia needs to move quickly and needs our help. Please pass the word and toss a coin to your storyteller, if you have some to spare. Thanks! #MutualAid

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