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Monday 18 Dec. 18:00

Video demonstration with mulled wine - Umspannwerk (site of project for a "Google campus") - Ohlauer Straße 43, 10999 #Berlin

Come and share joyful tactics for kicking these mass-surveilling, tax-evading creeps out of Kreuzberg!

I'll be singing with my choir at a free concert next week, of Christmas and non-Christmas songs from around the world. Come if you're into that. #berlin

So #Berlin underground train stations now have #wifi. It is unencrypted and between stations signal is lost. Which means everyone's phones will try to roam when the train leaves a station.

Can we do something useful with that? Thinking about running an AP on my laptop carried in my bag, with a webserver that redirects everyone to a cached static copy of

It is a testament to the happy vegan bubble of Berlin in which I’ve been living for several years now, that I get annoyed at a catering service that does not serve vegan options at a company event.

In 2017? In this fucking town? And people still hire you for catering? Unbelievable!!!

#vegan #berlin #wtf

plans to implant a "Google campus" in , .

A group of spot-on people say "fuck off, Google."

@kl3 at #sahara #falafel in #berlin. They have a very good peanut sauce with it.

#Telecolumbus was bought by the #PYUR #ISP in #Berlin and now I have 60kb/s #uploadspeed on a sunday night. Epic stuff.

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Wanna fight the implantation of a "Google Campus" in #Berlin Kreuzberg? Want to organize and meet other mobilized people?

Join the "anti-google cafe" Sunday 15:00 at Reichenbergerstr. 63A! <3

La publicité extérieure se répand copieusement à #Berlin...
Soutien aux revendications et à l'initiative citoyenne de Berlin Werbefrei

up to 30% prisinors in berlin cause of blackriding Show more

I am a #computer science student living in #Berlin. I am interested in anything about #i2p and #tor, #raspberry pi and general techy stuff. Also #cooking #veganism and #techno.
You might see me tooting from #protests concerning #antifascism #feminism #animalrights #netneutrality #environmentalism
I despise all #rich (money-wise) people.

#rigaer gestern war ich kurz auf dem lärm mach-treffen. ("19-uhr-scheppern")dienstags ist es um19 uhr auf der westseite und freitags 19 uhr auf der ostseite der CG-gruppen-baustelle.

nächsten dienstag ist bvv, wo einige hin gehen wollen. yay.